Monday, June 16, 2008

At the crossroads

Pick a direction
Montreal, QC, May 2008 [Click to enlarge]

While walking the halls of the hospital (please see here for additional background), I kept seeing myself in the convex mirrors at each intersection. I'm not really the vain type, so it didn't bother me that I looked, um, bigger than I normally would. It's an illusion, after all. And it was a neat shot.

Your turn: Ever find yourself at a crossroads? Do tell. What direction did you take? Why?

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Dina said...

Shalom Carmi,
Just discovered your blog through one of your comments somewhere.
Think I'm gonna LIKE it!
Greetings from Jerusalem.

Canadian Mark said...

That is a neat shot.

To answer your question though; The end result of a recent crossroad is currently sitting on my lap giggling and flailing her arms as we read your blog.

I had a feeling fatherhood would be grand, and it is. :-)

Anonymous said...

Usually I just sit down and do nothing.

Nestor Family said...

Cool photo, Carmi... but so sorry that it comes from so much time at the hospital. Hope things are going as good as they can there...

Crossroads... it seems with parenting there are a lot of crossroads with decisions on how to do what is best for the kids... often I do what I remember my parents doing ('cuz I think they did a great job!)... or I just try to remember that God has put in my heart to know what is right and opt for what I think that is.

smarmoofus said...

I'm at a crossroads now. But not a literal one. I'm just trying to find a direction for my life.

Nice photo. I keep meaning to get started with Thematic Photographic (I created a nifty link button for it, and everything! Go take a look under "My Memes" on my blog!)... I just have had one thing after another lately. I'll start with tomorrow's theme, though. Definitely.

Happy WW!

Anonymous said...

I'm a go with my gut type person. My head and heart conspire to send me down odd roads whenever I find myself staring at a fork in my future road.

About 18 months ago I wrote a post - titled (of course) the road not taken - where I outlined all the places I ended up because I eloped rather than finishing university. I'd written it a few months after my father's death and was searching for meaning.

What I discovered was that I like who I've become due to the path I chose and hope that I'll continue to make such good gut instinct decisions in the years to come.

Chad Oneil Myers said...

Very cool image Carmi.