Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Random observations of a nerdy writer

The old noggin is pounding, for some reason. So rather than try to gut out a photo and an accompanying cohesive thought, I'll wuss out and share a few quick observations before I put the hat back over my head and try to zen the pain away. Yes, I declare zen a verb:
  1. The car adapter, data cable and windshield suction cup thing for your GPS do not belong in the recycling bin. Bad things happen if you fail to heed this. Don't ask how I know.
  2. My wife is a very understanding woman. See #1 for explanation.
  3. When a 7-year-old promises to share a piece of chocolate with you, don't let him start the festivities. I'm still waiting for my chocolate. I'll be waiting for a good long while.
  4. Our dog seems to look even sweeter when we tie a bandana around his neck. I'm not sure why that is, but the Winnie the Pooh/Eeyore motif really suits him. He's still insane, though.
  5. I get excited by geeky things. To wit, I just upgraded to Firefox 3.0 (run, don't walk here to do the same.) I did a little happy dance when it loaded successfully for the first time. I'm odd that way.
Your turn: Please share one minor thing you observed today.


Anonymous said...

I forgot to take out the trash.


Linda said...

Sometimes six year olds have bigger hearts than adults. (my friend's 6 year old son gave his entire collection of Rescue Heroes to me to pass on to my friend's 3 year old who lost his in the recent tornado - he said, "mom, I want to give all my guys to Turner...he needs them more than me.")

Barbara said...

I was slowed down by heavy traffic on the freeway, but wasn't in a big hurry anyway. I noticed some really beautiful rock outcroppings and wild flowers alongside the road. Rush hour need not be stressful.

Unknown said...

I want to see a pic of the dog. I LOVE Winnie the Pooh!!

carmilevy said...

Quick administrative note: I moderate my comments. I do so because I post under my real name, and that results in the occasional blast of anonymous nastiness from blog trolls.

Usually, moderation works fairly seamlessly. Sometimes, I muck up. I was trying to multitask earlier this evening, and ended up accidentally rejecting a comment from Canadian Mark.

But since I get e-mail confirmation of every comment, I was able to rescue it. So here I am, sheepishly, posting Canadian Mark's comment for y'all:

Oof, sorry about your recycled data cable.

My minor observation for the day is that solid food = stinkier diapers.

Common knowledge to some, but not for me before today.

Carmi again. Go visit Mark's site here:

Why? Great writing and great photography from a thoughtful, insightful soul who just happens to be experiencing parenthood in all its new glory. Blogs like his are why I blog in the first place.

His citizenship is just a nice bonus :)

Anonymous said...

I've been eagerly awaiting FF 3.0's world record day and it's finally here. Downloaded and installed it at work and home and it's functioning like a dream. Of course, I haven't tried testing it on our LMS and other eLearning programs at work yet. That'll be my day tomorrow - to determine if FF and WebCT/Moodle/Elluminate can play nicely with each other.

Nestor Family said...

This was not on Tuesday... but on Monday I noticed my littler little guy had started to get some freckles. Who knows when they started to show up, of course, but when we were having some ice cream at Dairy Queen, I noticed them along his cheek bones. He is really looking more and more like his daddy everyday and that just melts me.

C.J. Henderson said...

Stared at some deer in the woods on the weekend.

I can never get past the very cool and wonderful feeling that they are staring at me as much I am at them.

The greatest moment of peace is connecting with an animal.

Keep your crazy dog close.

... said...

my observation: there is a ton of laundry to do when you get back from vacation. not only mine, but the rest of the family's that didn't go on vacation with me. ack!

Canadian Mark said...

Aw. :-D Thanks for the kind words and mention! No hard feeling about the mis-moderation.