Thursday, June 12, 2008

Roadside reflection redux

Swift. Stopped.
West of Woodstock, ON, June 2008 [Click to enlarge]

Had a really cool day in Toronto today that included an in-studio interview with Fred Langan of the CBC Business News. I was talking about Bill C-61, a piece of proposed legislation that would update Canada's Copyright Act. It was introduced today, and it had the Canuck Internet world abuzz.

On my way home, traffic was nightmarish. So to drop my blood pressure a bit, I got off the 401 at Woodstock and, for the last 60 km of the 200 km drive, I took the road less travelled through rolling farmland and picture perfect towns. I stopped outside Woodstock and captured this near-sunset image. Since I have a thing for reflective cars on Route 2 in the evening - see here for a similarly-themed image from last June - I thought I'd use the rental car, a black Suzuki Swift with really useless cupholders and a blown left speaker, as a prop.

I felt very peaceful as I carefully made my way home through an impossibly beautiful landscape. I would have missed it all had I stayed on the superhighway. I'm glad I did.

Your turn: Taking the road less travelled. Do you? Why?

One more thing: This week's Thematic Photographic theme is snack food. Do you have the stomach to submit your own snack food-themed photo? Click here to find out.


Anonymous said...

I travel around SE Missouri on business and I always follow the back roads back home or to the office. It helps clear my head and allows me to see places and people I never would otherwise. Bottom line: It's good for the soul.


Bobkat said...

Taking the road less travelled is practically my motto! There is a trip I make every Friday during the worst commuter traffic of the week as I get caught in the big weekly migration of people traveeling west from London, home for the weekend. I basically get off the motorway as soon as possible and take the back roads adn feel much better for it. The scenery is better too, as you say :)

Nice reflection in the car roof :)

Canadian Mark said...

I always seek the road (or path, or back lane-way) less traveled. Since I walk or bike instead of driving, I really have the liberty to take this to the extreme. I'm not afraid of getting my shoes mucky, and am often rewarded with that exceptional photograph that I wouldn't have otherwise.

It's this "path-less-traveled" thinking that really defines me as Canadian Mark, it's often where the Canadian Dream in Action can be most abundant.

utenzi said...

I think I like the picture of the Yaris better, Carmi, but it might just be the red color is so vibrant.

Which type of route I take depends on how often I have to drive it and how much of a hurry I'm in. I like rural roads but they're often quite slow. Especially around here since there's a lot of tractors moving between fields on the small local roads.

Beverly said...

I have a bad habit of getting on the interstate and just keep going. Once time, though, Sarah and I were coming back from Virginia, and we were on I-75 in Ocala. We turned on the radio and the first thing we heard was that there was an accident down the road, and traffic was stopped. We got off and went over to 301. It had been a long time since Sarah ahd been that way, and she oohed and ahhed over the oak trees that were on either side of the road and some that even met over the road. Cows in pastures, rural settings, it was a lovely ride.