Sunday, June 22, 2008

Caption This 76

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London, ON, June 2008 [Click to enlarge]

Corner stores seem to be part of every neighborhood's fabric. Sure, they sell overpriced stuff that seems destined to ever so slowly squeeze the life out of us. But when we need something in a pinch at an ungodly hour, we usually bite the bullet and pop into these oases of urban life.

I caught this moment as I walked past one such market earlier this month. I was too far away to hear their conversation. But that's your job...

Your turn: Please caption this moment-in-time image in the lives of these two randomly-encountered strangers. I'm a sucker for multiple submissions, so go nuts in comments, and feel free to pull in your friends, family members and even pets for inspiration.

About last week's photo of a trashed building: Sad pictures often seem to provoke the neatest captions - and this week's CT was no exception. Thank you all for rising to the occasion. This week's honorable menschens are:
  • OhDannyBoy: "Never trust a contractor who says he'll have the work done 'Thursday'."
  • Sassy Mama Bear: "Nope, The Cat in the Hat ain't never coming back!"
  • Bob-kat: "Who left the gas on?"
  • Babystepper: "Temper Tantrum."
  • Allison, Terri and Dawn: "And it all comes crumbling down."
  • The Imaginary Reviewer: "For sale: One bedroom apartment. Needs a little work. Would suit handyman."
  • Randall: "Inside out."
  • Awareness: "End of the road to nowhere."
  • Sara: "This used to be my playroom."
  • Robin: "Abandonment issues."
Lara touched one of my many nerves with her caption, "Reflections of what was, lost to what will be." Whenever I see a piece of ruined architecture, I find myself wishing the walls could talk, that I could learn the story of this place before it's too late. It's what I thought as I stuck my lens through the door and captured this scene. Her blog, Life: The Ongoing Education, combines provocative writing and sensitive photography in a way that I really appreciate. Please visit her, as I know you will, too.

Thanks to everyone for making Caption This such a neat highlight of the week. For more photographic fun, check out the latest Thematic Photographic as well.


Shelli said...

Lemme get this straight--I buy the Oreos, you get the black part and I get the white?

Barbara said...

"Out of every 24 hours ya' gotta take time to chill with a friend."

Linda said...

Tom and Joe lined up early to buy lotto tickets, never realizing it was a 24 hour store!

Mojo said...

"Dude... you gonna eat that?"

G. Harrison said...

Fella 1: (Puff) What are ya doing after school tonight?

Fella 2: Track n field practice. You should try out.

Fella 1: (Cough) Yeah, maybe. I used to be (long drag) a pretty good runner.

Teena in Toronto said...

Yes, the Liberty Village area has changed a lot in the last few years. I moved to the area in June 2001. I love it!

G. Harrison said...


thank you for your thoughts about each picture. i thought the bike and chair belonged together (both have welcoming seats) and sturdy doors form a gateway to many stories. (The thickest, tallest doors I ever passed thru were in Martin Luther's church in Zurich. No photo unfortunately.)

the "Glass" theme brought out a lot of interesting pictures and comments back at written inc.

mojo has an eye for subjects and edits!

there seems to be something about sets of three. i wonder if anyone has done a study on it; mind, emotions, will; beginning, middle, end; easy, medium, difficult; loonie, toonie... sorry, got carried away.

keep well,

Gord H.

sweetytots said...

ei, tnx for visiting my blog.. hope your right out the bilingual thing..

tnx again


carolyn said...

hey carmi, thanks for checking out my blog. Yours is great...i love the pictures. Here's my caption for your picture:

Look man, i don't want to talk about your chances to win the Lotto until you put some pants on. You got the whitest legs i've ever seen

awareness said...

I find this picture sad.

Lost in suburbia

Hasty retreat

Longing to be......

Waiting for the winning numbers

Losing faith.

(the guy in the red jacket looks lost in the ozones to me.....most definately not listening to the other guy who seems to be talking.....)

John said...

"Dude, don't look now, but across the street? That dude with the camera just took our picture. You're not wanted for anything are ya?"

Anna said...

I miss the corner stores from my neighborhood in London....they were corner markets in the truest sense of the phrase.

Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

Gordon said...

Well man, it's like they say..
Life's a drag....
Hi Carmi - thanks for the visit, I love it the "other" London...

pylorns said...

Hey, you know anyone that can touch up my hair lines?

barbie2be said...

misspent youth.

Killlashandra said...

Having spent a number of years in Chicago several thoughts come to mind.

"Lookin' for Work"

"What's Up"

"You in the Wrong Neighborhood"

"Bum a Cig?"

And yes I agree, convenience stores seem to call to all kinds of different people.

Beverly said...

What time does the bus stop here?

Jean-Luc Picard said...

"You HAD to ask the guy at the counter what time the store closes, didn't you!"

Megan said...

Hey there good buddy!!!!

Surgery went well, and I'm finally back!!!

I'll try and keep things updated, more regular like.

Talk to you later!!!

Megan said...

Caption for this pic -

(From Disney's, Jungle Book)

In a heavy British Accent!!!

Boy 1 - Whacha wanna do?

Boy 2 - Dunno, whach you wanna do?

Boy 1 - MMMMMM....Every time I ask you, "Whacha you wanna do", you say, "dunno, Whach you wanna do". Ugh. Now lets stop this.


Boy 2 - So, Whatch ya wanna do??

Boy 1 - Hey, now don't start that again!!

The Imaginary Reviewer said...

Hasty Market, Laid-Back Customers.

Tiel Aisha Ansari said...

D'you ever think maybe we're in an old cartoon?

Kid #1: Ow! This sidewalk's hot!
Kid #2: That's what you get for wearing shorts.

Unison: We're just bricks. We're just bricks in the wall...

Yell from inside store: "MOVE your skinny ass! You're keeping the door from closing!"

Jacie said...

'You got any idea what day it is...?'

Mojo said...

"Dude, did the aliens come and draw crop circles on yo' head?"
"Another losing ticket closer to a blues song."
"We're only missin' two things: the dock, and the bay."
"Could be worse... Could be rainin'."
"D'ya think anybody ever really wins the lottery?"

smarmoofus said...

(Thinking) "My gawd... does he ever shut up? Maybe I can say my break is over and go back to work to get away from this guy."

D.O.M. Dan said...

Here's my try:

"Sittin' a spell on the sidewalk sofa"

By the way Carmi, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the nice comment.

Anonymous said...

"Waiting" That's my caption! Thanks for your comment on my site!

Anne said...

"So, whadya wanna do now?"

"what time does this place close?"

Omykiss said...

'Standing on the corner watching all the girls go by isn't all it's made out to be. I'm plain tired out!'