Thursday, June 05, 2008

Bedside manner

Hospital essentials
Montreal, QC, May 2008

You hope you never have to spend any amount of time in a hospital. But if you do, you'll probably have a banged-up rollaway table just like this beside your bed. And if you're lucky to be well enough, you'll use that circa 1970s-era phone to remain connected to the outside world - and the people who matter most.

So much significance from such an initially insignificant little table.

Your turn: What's on your night table? Why?

One more thing: It's not too late to dive into my latest weekly fun-fest, Thematic Photographic. If you've got a camera and a hankering for the optically unknown, click here to get started. This week's theme: Automotive.


Anonymous said...

I only spent a few days in a hospital after my cesarean when I gave birth to my son, but I remember that beat up ol' rollaway table and the ugly old phone with stains all over it.

My nightstand contains four items at all times: a glass/nalgene of water, chapstick, whatever book I'm currently reading and a book light.

Christine said...

My son's preschool teacher has one of those phones at her school for the kids to play with. It's funny watching them - they don't understand the cord.

On my nightstand I have a lamp, an alarm clock, a picture of my kids, some lotion, a couple of books that I've been meaning to read for at least 6 months, and my ipod and PDA chargers. (Sometimes I wake up in the morning with various toys or a bottle of water that the kids have brought in when they came in to cuddle in the morning - those are my favorites.)

David Edward said...

i have auto pics, but can't share them from this computer, will have to work on this one later.
been too long away, forgive me.

Bobealia... said...

As always, lovin' the pics.

Anonymous said...

It is morning here! On my side table, there are couple of books,a bottle of water and my cellphone.

I still like the older versions of phones. Those re still there in India.

Hope all is well with you. I am sorry that I don't get here as often. What with moving house, than seminars.

D.O.M. Dan said...

My nightstand? A lamp, a box of tissue, and a little wooden box / tray that holds small, but important things like my wedding ring & watch. Oh, and dust.

srp said...

What's on my bedside table?
Two alarm clocks. One set to wake with woodland sounds, the other one that resets itself if the power goes off and it projects the time onto the ceiling. There is probably some deep seeded abnormality in my psyche to have it this way... but who cares?

AscenderRisesAbove said...

chuckling at christines comments about them not understanding the cord

lets see... cough drops; book (the painted house) cell phone, thermostat electric blanket, hair tie where I fling it, one of those eye mask thingies, lamp my daughter bought me a few years ago - very girlish

Lori said...

Ah yes...I've spent more time than I'd like to in a hospital, but was thankful for that phone, no matter how old.

On my nightstand: A lamp, alarm/radio, glasses, Bible and books.

Nestor Family said...

I have a coaster for my water cup that I bring up every night (have to have something to sip on throughout the evening), a lamp to do crossword puzzles before I go to sleep, and an alarm clock that I never use... and all of this is shoved off to one side so that my cat can sit on the table to look out the window at the robins who perch there during the day.

Take care, Carmi... hope you and family have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

Lamp, box of tissues, alarm clock, chapstick, and a glass of water. Oh, and yummy smelling lotion that I put on my hands before bed.