Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Rogers sucks - and other media madness

It's been another busy time in medialand for me. Here are some notable hits (and, no, I still can't believe I'm lucky enough to get to do stuff like this. Someone please pinch me):

CBC. Went to the CBC studios in downtown Toronto to talk about Canada's proposed copyright law, Bill C-61. It was an experience to be there.
National Post/Financial Post. RIM falters, rolls on. Byline David George-Cosh (it's a good day when I get to use the word "spanking" in print!)
"This is more a case of missed expectations than any reflection of sub-par performance by RIM," said Carmi Levy, senior vice-president of strategic consulting for AR Communications Inc.

"The market is spanking RIM a bit because the company has blown past estimates over the past year, and this time out it fell just short. It's like the star athlete that fails to set a world record but still wins the event."
CTV Newsnet. Spoke to Marcia MacMillan last night about the upcoming release of the iPhone in Canada and the rate plans from Rogers that amount to sanctioned extortion of Canadian consumers. Oops, did I say that? Guess I did! If it walks like a duck... I'm still looking for the video on their web site. Stay tuned (I recorded it at home, though, so if you want to pop by for some tea, ping me.)

(Here's a link to the protest site, RuinediPhone.com. It's currently returning "forbidden" error messages - Rogers conspiracy, perhaps? - but I hope you'll sign the petition nonetheless when it's back up.)

Canadian Press. Bidding continues in auction to bring more competition to cellphone industry. Byline LuAnn LaSalle.
Analyst Carmi Levy said the higher than expected amounts that have been bid will have fallout for all of the players in terms of what they will be able to offer consumers.

"So obviously the more you spend on bandwidth and on the rights to own bandwidth, then the less you have after the fact and that will have implications for the kinds of services we can see and when we will be able to see them," said Levy of Toronto's AR Communications Inc.

It will also impact the smaller players that want to build cellphone networks, said Levy, senior vice-president of strategic consulting.


Even though bidding is starting to flatten, nobody is giving an inch, Levy said.

"This is the way it's being played out and they don't have a choice," said Levy. "Their only alternative is to fold up their tents and go home and none of them is doing that."

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G. Harrison said...


i did respond to your recent comment back at the plant and thot i'd do so here as well:

we now may be getting closer to paying the true cost of extracting, distributing and burning fossil fuels; the planet (incl. everything and everyone on it) has subsidized fuel costs with its own health and stamina for 200 years.

also, i intend to borrow part of your comment to include in a future post. (and i did)

hope you enjoyed your bike ride this morning.

many years ago Lloyd Robinson of CTV News went from one studio to another after his evening report and, as a talk show guest apologized for his manner of dress; shirt, tie, sports jacket - baggy, comfortable pants. In my opinion - a perfect match.

gord h.