Friday, July 11, 2008

iPhone mania. Not.

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It's been the week of the iPhone here in Canada. The new-and-improved 3G device went on sale here today, and Canadians have been lining up to be the first on their respective blocks to have one.

It's a lovely phone, and all. But at some point, the hype becomes more than a little ridiculous. People who don't even need the thing - by my estimate, 95% of those who will actually buy it - are working themselves into a tizzy over how this will revolutionize their lives and make them better people in the process.

Come on, people. It's a phone! A very nice phone, mind you, with a ton of great, geeky features that are all very slickly integrated. It's likely the best smartphone available, period. But it's still a piece of technology that will be all but forgotten in two years, if not less. Want proof? What happened to that iPod you bought 5 years ago? C'mon, be honest.

All I ask is for a little perspective. Is that asking for too much? Oops, I guess it is.

The good news in all of this is I got to do a bunch 'o fun media this week. In the runup to today's launch, Canadians were ticked off with Rogers because the exclusive carrier's rates were perceived to be a little on the high side. OK, I'm being nice. They said Rogers was stealing them blind. Someone launched a protest web site called The blogosphere heated up with discussion over how much we love to hate our wireless carriers. Nasty things were said. People cried.

Then Bell and Telus coincidentally introduced a plan to charge customers 15 cents for every incoming text message. The blogosphere went even more insane after this story broke. I yakked about this, too. Here's the CTV story on the Bell-Telus thing. Here's the interview I did with CTV Newsnet's Marcia MacMillan. More nasty things were said. Even my dog cried.

But in the end, no one died. A few thousand people in the land of beavers and mounties got a new plaything. And we all had a little fun bashing the wireless carriers around. Because they deserve it.

Here are some of the fun hits I've had over the past week or so:

Canadian Press.
Byline LuAnn LaSalle:
Reuters. Byline Wojtek Dabrowski:
Business News Network. Chatted with Michael Hainsworth. Watch it here. Was also quoted in a piece by Noah Zivitz: Apple's iPhone is coming to Canada.

Did some interviews with CBC Radio affiliates across the country - including one from my car to avoid the barking dog - and had the distinct pleasure (or horror) of waking up to my own voice on the local radio after the morning guy pulled clips from some kinda national feed.

National Post/Financial Post. Globalive Set To Join Big Boys. Byline David George-Cosh.

PC World. Canadians Blast iPhone Pricing. Byline Nestor Arellano (yes, I used the words "ticked off."

Ottawa Citizen. Consumers' perception still fuzzy Byline: Vito Pilieci

One word comes to mind as I look back at the week that was: Crazy. This going viral thing is a little tiring, but hellishly fun.


Chele76 said...

*looks around*

*...scratches her head....*

Where IS that stinking ipod????

Unknown said...

Did you get yourself one? I have a similar version that I am very happy with so iPhone for me. Although it would be nice, but who need it when I have my HTC touch. Its almost the same, just without the apple logo on it and the hefty price tag.

Pam said...

i'm a quasi-techie, but an iphone is just not worth the hassle. there were some problems trying to get them activated here today. then you have to pay for the iphone data plan. i wish there was some diff phone they offered that was comparable. i'll just stick to my blackjack II. less complicated and it didn't cost a fortune. i'd rather just get an itouch.

Anonymous said...

I one of the few people who loath cell phones. I have one for the sole purpose of calling people when I absolutely need to and never to just chit chat. I never give out my number because I really don't want to be reachable 24/7.

Consequently, I don't see the allure.

Of course, I am slowly approaching "old fart" status, too, so maybe that has something to do with it.


Beverly said...

I have a cell phone that I usually have with me. The main reaosn I got it was to have free calling to my son, but that really makes rather expensive long distance charges. I did have one of those Trakphones that was a pre-pay. In some ways I wish I still had it. I also have a landline phone that lately gets mostly "unknown caller" which I don't find the need to answer.

But I do use my iPod. I find it easier to walk on the treadmill if I have some nice music in my ear.

Star said...

Really. Who can't use a light saber app for their phone?

Anonymous said...

Since I can't upgrade til October, and I don't believe in buying the first version of any technology (and based on the bugs I'm seeing from my technophile friends, this is wise), I ignored the hype and spent yesterday (well, Friday, now) mostly offline.

My husband has the AT&T TILT, and I kind of like it. It has almost all the same features...but runs on Windows mobile 6, like my BLackjack. I might get that in October - I want a larger screen, and it has an actual qwerty keypad.

I don't relate at all to the desire to have a 'thing' so much that it's worth camping out for.

Anne said...

I've got an iPhone, a pre-g3 model, and I'm apprehensive about upgrading the firmware.

Re: my Fit, you'll love it, I am enjoying mine.