Thursday, July 03, 2008

Drama in the skies

Parking lot find with the kids
London, ON, June 2008 [Click to embiggen]

Quick note: This photo continues this week's Thematic Photographic theme, sky. Got a sky pic you'd like to upload and share? Already have something posted online somewhere? Click here to get in the game.
The kids noticed the dark clouds gathering on the horizon. They sighed as I stopped the wondervan in the parking lot to compose this shot. We played a quick game of guess-what-I-see before we got going again. Another moment in the life of our not-so-typical family.

Your turn: So what do you see in this cloud? Lots to ponder, I reckon. Have fun!


tommie said...

long time no visit.....But I love this shot! Clouds make such good shots!

Your kids reminded me of something my 3 year said. While I was putting her time out for something she said, "Well, your....your.....your camera should be in time out!" I guess she needs some more 1:1 time.

Happy Canada day

Canadian Mark said...

At the top and center of the cloud, I'm sort of seeing the silhouette of Danny Devito's head circa 1986.

kenju said...

It just looks ominous to me, Carmi!

Linda said...

that's quite a thunderhead building there! We see so many odd and HUGE cloud formations here in, I'm glad I didn't see THAT one!

rashbre said...

If I saw a cloud like that I think I'd run!