Sunday, July 20, 2008

Caption This 80

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Grand Bend, ON, July 2007 [Click to embiggen]

I've got a thing for seagulls. Most of us may dismiss them as disease-carrying pests - probably a fair assessment - but there's something in the way they fly that's always captivated my eye.

Living midway between two Great Lakes, we've got more than our fair share of the flying beasts. So it's no surprise that these images fill up my memory cards fairly frequently.

Your turn: Please click on the Comments link and suggest a caption for this photo. Also, if you haven't yet participated in this week's Thematic Photographic challenge - theme: animals - please click here when you're done. Extra brownie points if you bring a friend along.

About last week's fiery photo: I played with fire to capture this one and thankfully wasn't burned in the process. The benefits of a long lens, I suppose! Lots of honorable menschens this time out, so let's jump right in, shall we:
  • Robin: "Out of the frying pan..."
  • Bradley: "Good-bye Norma-Jean."
  • Linda: "Insatiable...."
  • Barbie2be: "Come on baby, light my fire....."
  • Terri: "Firewall."
  • Killired: "Boy scouts paid off."
  • Morah Mommy: "Fire dance!"
And this week's nod goes to...AverageMom for "Hell was just as gorgeous as Betty had hoped." There was a fantastic undercurrent of subversiveness in most of this week's submissions (must be the tanking economy...thoughts?) but this one had an extra bit of edge. Please click over here to congratulate AverageMom for her win.


Anonymous said...

Good grief, Carmi--THAT'S HUGE! When it popped up in my reader, I jumped back, lol.

First thought? Is it too obvious?? "Bird's eye view"

I'll be back with more...and thanks for the mention :).

Jacie said...

'could you hurry up and take the photo please as I really can't hold this pose much longer...'

b13 said...

"Commence bombing run in 3... 2... 1...

Beverly said...

Ah, I see that hot dog on the grill. Here I come, ready or not!

When I was a little girl and at the beach, it was fun to feed the gulls. Not any more...they're brazen and daring, not caring what they go after...and the noise when a group of them are together!

Anonymous said...

Hello Carmi!
Thanks for the mentions!

"I spy with my little eye - something good to eat!"

"Um, excuse me, which way to the beach?"

"So long and thanks for all the fish."


spwriter said...

"Anyone seen Richard Bach? He owes me royalties..."

Gull, able.

Raging Gull

"Headed for a Heartbeak," by Winger

"I can't smile, I have no lips."

Gull ever travels.

Sea soar.

kenju said...

I have always loved watching gulls. I like the angle of his head compared to the angle of his wings.

lissa said...

This is a totally AMAZING photograph!!

This bird is thinking, "Target at 6:00!"

Bill C said...

Mine?! Mine-mine-mine!

Anonymous said...

Crap...spwriter's back in full force (or is that rare form???)!!

awareness said...

Hark! Is that Neil Diamond I hear?

Which way to the Maritimes?

Gladys....take a look! Carmi's got his camera out again. Do you think he was a seagull like us in a previous life?

Gull a vanting

Hey, did the ever find Nemo?


Anonymous said...

Wings and things


Blue. Bird.

Wild, Blue yonder.

Too close for comfort.


Tastes like chicken.

Finger lickin' good.

Omykiss said...

How nice it would be to have hands!

swilek said...

I'm finally back and wanted to quickly post some animal pics I took while on my holidays in Northern Ireland for thematic photographic, so here is my link:

spwriter said...

A few more...

Sun blocker.

Bird of Paired Eyes.

Paul McCartney's other band.


Bird flew.

Gull and void.

(Oh, hi Robin. Yeah, I'm back for a visit. And to see if I can come up with more captions than you.)

Lynda said...

Jonathan Livingston WHO?

Mrs. Falkenberg said...

Hey Carmi! Thanks for the shout, and the win!!
Sadly, my wit has left with my caffeine, so I have to go think about this bird for awhile...

twobuyfour said...

"I just flew in from San Francisco, and boy are my arms tired!"

Looking forward to more S.F. poictures - that's a beautiful and picturesque town. One of my favorite top three worldwide.

Anonymous said...

"Sadly, Bob's career was cut short following an unfortunate navigational error which placed over the Hamilton Skeet Club."

marcia@joyismygoal said...

Whatcha got down there?

Unknown said...

If I let the poo go now will I hit that guy... yep, got him! Ah, relief.

Anonymous said...

I like "Caption this" partly because of Carmi's creative photography but also for the creativity of the captions that people come up with.
spwriter is back! It's great to to read your creative captions (and Robin's too).

Anne said...

Swimming in air

where did i put my keys?

have you seen my mother?

Anonymous said...

Hurry up already, I need to poop!!

Jennifer said...

(from the birds perspective)

"it's a bird, it's a plane.. oh wait, that's just mom flying around"


bird's eye view

Jennifer said...

i spy a fish and it's mine!

spwriter said...

(Anticipating Robin's next batch, I thought I should throw a few more onto the virtual table.)

Flying by the sea of his expanse

Never a gull moment

Do you sea what I sea?

A flight for soar eyes

Bad air day

Gull of the wild


srp said...

"Who needs a cape? Batman, you've got NOTHING on me!"

He does look very regal.... Here in Virginia Beach, we have them by the droves... They have the bead on all the fast food restaurants, even those that are ten or fifteen miles inland!

Anonymous said...


White flight

Up and down

Jonathan Livingston? See? Gull!

Soft underbelly

Soar spot

I don't need no stinkin' GPS



Anonymous said...


No badminton for YOU!

Fly spy

Crook in my neck

Bye bye birdie

Lonesome dove

"When spwriter tried to beat the robin in a friendly game of "Caption This", she shot a bird at him!"

Nestor Family said...

"Is anybody looking? Maybe I can poop.... now!"

Awesome photo, Carmi!

PillowNaut said...

b13 already said the one that i was thinking, LOL... but if you love seagulls, you'll appreciate this rescue:

spwriter said...


Lord of the Wings

"I wanna fly like a seagull, to the sea, fly like a seagull, let my spirits carry me...what? What do you mean that's not the right lyric? Eagle? Fly like an eagle? Why would an eagle want to fly to the sea?"

In-flight entertainment

The gull, Monty

"What the flock are you lookin' at?"


"Hey, did that robin just shoot me the bird?"

Okay...your move, Robin. (Oh, and thanks for the exclamation point, Terri.)

carmilevy said...

Robin/SPwriter: I feel like a spectator at centre court at Wimbledon. It's a lovely place to be.

Such amazing and good-spirited creativity. You're all totally making my week here. Thank you.

Sara said...

light as a feather

Sara said...

the one who flew over the cuckoo's nest

Sara said...

hey where did everyone go?

Mojo said...

Carmi, this shot is so striking I'm not even sure it needs a caption. I'll have to think on this one.

Treehugger said...

Elegance in flight.

Anonymous said...

Hello Carmi,
You feel like you are at Wimbledon; I, for some strange reason, hear duelling banjos. It's great, isn't it?
A few more captions from me:

"Have wings, will travel."

"Soaring, soaring over the ocean blue."

"Gull darn it!"

Linda said...

hmmmm...THAT looks like the guy that hit my mom with a rock....I'll get HIM!

Omykiss said...

Suspended in space!

me said...

Get your motor runnin'
Head out on the highway
Lookin' for adventure
And whatever comes my way


Anonymous said...

Hey Carmi ~

Hmmm, a comparison this week to Wimbleton and Dueling Banjos (thanks, Terri!); what a juxtaposition.

I've tried to come up with more, but quality doesn't always accompany quantity--I think, cocked and loaded, I've already give you my best.

I can't speak for spwriter, but good golly Miss Molly, surely even HE is done!

Tons of fun...I do like a spirited round of "Caption This" and I believe that's what we've had this week! Thanks!


spwriter said...

Oh Co-Conspirator of Multitudinous Caption Submissions (that's you, Robin), that's it? I was sure you'd have a few more up your sleeve (or wherever it is you keep your ideas).

You're absolutely right that "quality doesn't always accompany quantity", my good friend. I mean, if I'd posted everything that came to mind for a picture, there'd be a few hundred Spwriter entries on this page. I only post the really good ones.

That's what you do, right? ;-)

Thanks for an entertaining Caption This, Carmi. It did feel a bit like a center court match that went well into the fifth set, then continued with a tie-breaker that finally had to be called on account of darkness...or because they ran out of tennis balls.

[Terri - about that Dueling Banjos reference. You just meant that in a playful, back-and-forth, musical duet sorta way, right? Because I've seen Deliverance and I can't quite figure out which of us is Burt Reynolds and which is Ned Beatty. And...ahem...I don't want to be Ned.]

Anonymous said...

Yes, I did mean in a playful, back-and-forth, musical duet sort of way, not in the "Deliverance" sort of way (poor Ned).