Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Light from the sky

Steel and glass
London, ON, September 2007

I've often referred to malls as soulless, Godless temples of conspicuous consumption. They're places where villages go to die, where towns lose their sense of community, where any sense of individuality is turned into little more than a distant memory. In short, malls suck.

But that doesn't mean I can't try to find something redeeming when I'm forced to visit one. I do, after all, need to replace my socks just as often as anyone else.

Malls are especially challenging to shoot. Since they all look pretty much the same, with their generic "architecture" and overwhelming sense of prefab drabness, it's hard to find compositions that are worth the effort. Doesn't mean I'm not trying, though. I love a good challenge.

Your turn: I hope you'll take your camera with you the next time you go shopping. What are you going to look for?

One more thing: Thematic Photographic's happening here, and Caption This is captioning here. Click on both to avoid missing all the fun. No charge for either, except for a little imagination.

I lied: As you read this, I'm homeward bound, floating somewhere over the continent, courtesy of Air Canada and the engineering wizards who designed the Airbus A319. Be home soon. (And despite my little absence, I'll be posting a new Wordless Wednesday entry just after midnight.)


Rainbow dreams said...

we don't have shopping Malls here on our small island - thankfully, which means we get fresh air between our purchases - and in winter we get wet!
However, that means malls are a novelty to me and I was actually thinking about what photos I'd have taken if I had my camera with me when we last went to England last week. I think theres plenty of opportunity - escalators, colours, vibrancy, coffee shops, can think of lots I could have taken.

G. Harrison said...

i take my camera on my Yamaha but seldom end up shopping for anything - except for food at a small diner.

I'm sure the folks at the New Sarum Diner won't mind and i'll try to remember it next time I walk over to Tuckeys for a bag of nails for my birdhouses.


gord h.

Chad Oneil Myers said...

Love the pattern here.