Thursday, October 16, 2008

Joe the Plumber? Nah, just my kid

Impending splash
Laval, QC, August 2008
About this photo: We're exploring blurry pictures in support of this week's Thematic Photographic theme. Got a fuzzy image (or seven) to share? Head over here to get started, as the party's just getting underway.
He plays with a spirit that can't help but make those who watch him smile. Whatever he does, he gives it his all. At moments like this, I find myself learning important lessons from him.

Your turn: Where do they get their energy?


Anonymous said...

Quite fun and the blur is perfectly appropriate for this shot!

Slim said...

They're innocent. They're sheltered from all of the exhausting ugliness that can exist in the world. They're imaginations are working around the clock...why stop being active and do something as mundane and rest/sleep when the world is brimming with such potential?!

kenju said...

If I knew where they get their energy, I'd appropriate some of it for myself!!

awareness said...

hey Carmi.....blurry photo number 2 Up and displayed! this one comes with a lament by Tom Waits. what fun...:)

bobbie said...

This shot doesn't even look blurred to me. that must mean that most of mine are. Maybe I should look into this meme.

I love slim's comment.

photowannabe said...

I would love to bottle some of that energy. My ole battery ain't what it used to be.
Great "blur" shot Carmi. You sure have some cute kids.

Mojo said...

If he can crash the crease with this much elan you could have a Hall of Famer on your hands!

Wendy said...

Oh Oh - that shot didn't look blurred to me either! Maybe I need to change my glasses!

They are born with energy. They're young.

carmilevy said...

Bobbie/Wendy: Click the photo to enlarge. He's definitely blurred...there wasn't enough light to use a short enough shutter speed to "freeze" him in mid-air. I originally tagged this photo as unusable because of the blur, but it fits right into this week's theme.

My next shot will be a LOT more obvious. Promise :)