Friday, October 03, 2008

Up past his bedtime

Late night by the water
Boynton Beach, FL, December 2007

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When my uncle took us for a nighttime drive to the Boynton Beach Inlet - a lovely waterside facility that on this evening played host to a colorful group of fisherman, Iraqi and Vietnam war vets and a friendly bunch of retirees hanging out in the fluorescent-lit veranda by the Coca Cola machine - I saw it as an opportunity for Zach to (figuratively) shake off the cast he'd worn on his leg since his accident in September and spend some time away from his younger siblings. He needed a change of scenery, and this was just the place for him.

We could hear the ocean waves crash ashore across the road. In the picture above, Zach looked over the channel between the Atlantic and the Intracoastal Waterway. Behind him, we could hear little pockets of activity underneath the yellowish light. We wondered if this place would be as cool during the day as it was on this night. We agreed a return visit under the sun was in order.

Your turn: A place that sticks out in your mind as particularly memorable. Please discuss.

One more thing: Thank you all for your words of kindness and support toward our son, Noah. Got him into the doc this morning, and she diagnosed bronchitis. As my wife and daughter are just getting over their respective cases, it's only fair that Noah continues the family tradition. Zach and I will be hiding in the garage until this all blows over (kidding!) He started taking his antibiotics - like a champ - today and we're hopeful they'll kick in soon. Anyone want to see my additional strands of gray from this past week?


lissa said...

Ah, those grays of parenthood. We wear 'em proudly.

Glad Noah's on the mend - keeping that positive energy going for ALL of you!

kenju said...

I have a whole head of those gray hairs, Carmi! And only half of them came from my kids....LOL

There are many memorable spots for us. One of the best was atop the Eiffel Tower on a cool, windy October night.

Maggie, Dammit said...

Lovely. So much written on one little face.

Thumper said...

You can travel to the future? That's so coool!


(check the date under the photo)
(yes, I'm a dork)


Carli N. Wendell said...

Wow! You took this photo in the future!

Glad things are getting back to normal.

David Edward said...

gray hair, a symbol of fatherhood, where it well, friend

i posted new pics

carmilevy said...

Thumper/Carli: Thanks for letting me know about the boo-boo. I always have trouble with dates...I really need to slow down and double-check this kind of stuff.

Then again, maybe I CAN capture images of the future. Maybe I've been going about this all wrong. Hmmm...