Saturday, October 18, 2008

Media stuff

I've had a fun couple of weeks in medialand. As I do every so often, I try to share links to some of the more notable hits from TV, radio, newspaper and online media sources. One of the neatest was my appearance October 10th on 'A' Morning on London's main television station, 'A'. Host Cheryl Weedmark and I talked about cellphone rate plans. I've been invited back for the morning of November 7th to yak about smartphones.

Business News Network. On October 7th, I was guest judge for a new segment on Stars and Dogs. Anchors Kim Parlee and Andy Bell argued the bear and bull perspective on First Solar, a company that makes a new generation of lower-cost thin-film photovoltaic sheets. I listened in by phone and, when they were finished, I declared a winner and we briefly chatted about the issue. It was a very cool experience - so much so that I'll be doing it again November 3rd! Here's the link.

I was interviewed by BNN's Michael Kane on his morning show, The Street, yesterday. We chatted about Google, IBM and AMD in the wake of their quarterly earnings announcements. Click here to see it.

National Public Radio. Janet Babin interviewed me for her report, Intel processing in tight market, that aired on the Marketplace Morning Report last Tuesday. Click here to read the transcript and listen to the audio.

Canadian Press:
Reuters. Sep 23. Credit crisis may delay Canada wireless plans. Byline Wojtek Dabrowski.

The Montreal Gazette. Oct 11. Google's Android 'opens up' the smart phone. Byline Marc Saltzman.

Centretown News. Oct 9. Viewpoint: Don't expect to see new Google phones in Canada for a while. Oct 9. Byline Brendan Ross.

DPA/German Press Agency. ‘Mobile Internet’ creates a buzz. Sep 25. Byline Andy Goldberg.

Financial Post/National Post. Sep 26. RIM misses the mark for second quarter in row. Byline David George-Cosh.

Globe & Mail. Sep 24. Why can't Canadian parties connect with young voters like Obama does? Byline Brodie Fenlon.

BetaNews. October 14. Analysts: Will $999 MacBook have an impact? Byline Jacqueline Emigh.

IT World Canada. Oct 16. Magician sues Molson over iPhone app. Byline Nestor Arellano. (Where I rant on the silliness of mobile beer software.)

And if you want to listen to be chat about tech, I'm on Toronto's AM640 most Friday nights. John Downs and I talk tech, then open the phone lines up to callers. You can listen in at And if you're really feeling cheeky, you can even call in and try to stump me!


Butch McLarty said...

Congratulations, Carmi, but sometimes it's better to hire a media hack to blow your own horn.

As it stands, it's kinda like local sportswriter Jeffrey Reed saying what a great golfer he is in the current edition (October 2008) of SportsXpress (page 6).

("Disabled London golfer sets course record" by Jeffrey Reed about Jefrey Reed.)

I really like the quotes in Jeffrey's article, given that interviewing oneself can be kinda tricky using a mirror and a notepad.

Anonymous said...

You've been really busy. Congrats.

Adventure girl said...

My goodness, you are everywhere! You are like a celebrity! You are well loved! And for good reason!

I have given you an award over at my place!