Sunday, October 12, 2008

Caption This 92

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London, ON, October 2008 [Click all photos to enlarge]

Quick note: This photo continues our Thematic Photographic theme, grounded. Have you shared yours yet? If not, please click here to get in on the fun.
Autumn has always struck me as an incredibly poignant time of year. On the one hand, the leaves blaze with color that can render even the most hard-hearted person breathless. On the other hand, the glory lasts for all of a blink before said leaves fall ingloriously to the ground and decay into messy, forgettable shreds of compostable material. Few seasons offer such a contrast between high and low.

Oddly, I spend more time looking down than up - I guess I find the sad stories a little more compelling. This forlorn sight of a single leaf on an otherwise featureless stretch of pavement will stick in my head through the upcoming months of snow and ice. I guess it's one last reminder that we have the smallest slice of time to capture moments like this before they're gone forever. Or until next year.

Your turn: Please come up with a caption - funny, sad, whatever you wish - for this image and share it in a comment. You may submit as many as you like, as we encourage multiple-captioners. I'll announce a winner next Sunday. For a bit more background on how Caption This works, please click here.

About last week's image of our youngest son watching the toaster: Of all of us, Noah has been enjoying the new toaster the most. Must be his waffle phase. Or his bagel phase. Either way, he's happy. So we're happy. I'm also happy with the following honorable menschens:
  • Judy: "A watched toaster never pops."
  • Christy: "Toast Whisperer."
  • Bradley: "After having put all of his bread into the small appliance market, Dougie was dismayed to find that his investments were toast!" (So appropriate given the week we've just had!)
  • Sealaura: "Quiero mi eggo"
  • Pinky: "I'm not gonna jump, I'm not gonna jump!"
  • Chezchani: "A Toast! To Breakfast!"
Carli takes it this week with her subtle submission, "Bread from anticipation." Noah's at an age where patience doesn't always play as large a role in his day as perhaps it should. He's a light-speed kind of kid, so later always takes a back seat to now. Carli's caption fits him - and this moment - perfectly. Carli has just launched a new site, The Present Professor. As holiday season looms, use it to guide you through the Byzantine process of finding just the right gift for whoever you're stuck buying for. She's someone you'll really want to know.

Have fun with this week's caption!


Anonymous said...

Hello Carmi,
"Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone..."
Thanks for the mention!

Anonymous said...

Hello Carmi!
For some strange reason a line from a song by the Mamas and the Pappas came to my mind...

"All the leaves are brown and the sky is grey..."

"One small drop for a tree, one giant fall for leaf kind."

Autum is so beautiful, I love this season!

lissa said...

Heaven help me, my first thought is a groaner...

"Leaf me alone."

Linda said...

Leave me alone....

fallen beauty


Mystic Thistle said...

Ooooo! Beautiful photograph! Oh, thanks for the mention! Here's my try:


Adventure girl said...

I love Carli's caption! I will check out her site!

Carli N. Wendell said...

Thanks, Carmi!
And patience never really found its way into my life, as evidenced by the fact that I'll risk electrocution to get a bagel out of the toaster if I think it's unfrozen enough to eat.

Anonymous said...

"bright now"

and I must say I adore this photo!

sealaura said...

"I've fallen and I can't get up1"

Lara said...

"summer move forward and stitch me the fabric of fall..."

(i can't take all the credit. it's a song lyric by vienna teng. but this picture immediately made me think of it.)

Anonymous said...

In the fall the Leafs hit the road. They will have no better luck than they do at their home games.

Harold Ballard

kenju said...

Thanks for the menschen, Caarmi!

For this one:

"If I have to fall, I'm going out in a blaze of color!"

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Mornin', Carmi. I haven't been doing much in the way of visiting blogs lately and I've MISSED it! And all things "Written Inc" is at the top of that list.

Sooo...I've gotta throw a few into the ring for "Caption This"--LOVE this week's simple selection.

Lofty pursuit

Leave behind

Only the great will fall.



...divided we fall

Unknown said...

Not so much a caption but this is what popped into my mind when I saw this photo.

Between the desire, And the spasm
Between the potency, And the existence
Between the essence, And the descent
Falls the Shadow
For Thine is the Kingdom

For Thine is, Life is, For Thine is the

This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper.

—T.S. Eliot, "The Hollow Men" (1925)

Mondays make me blue by the way.

Anonymous said...

First, here's my long over due contribution to Thematic Photographic (Grounded):

Miss Cleo just wants to go OUTSIDE.

As to a caption...

They fall, but never break.

photowannabe said...

Hi Carmi,
Can't really think of something for the caption which has not been said but maybe
A solitary life...
My Grounded theme #3 is up now.

Anonymous said...

Hello Carmi!
This one brings me back to something I did with fall leaves in my childhood. We collected colourful leaves every year and tried to preserve them. One more caption from me...

"Just add waxed paper."


Nestor Family said...

Waiting for the crunch.

Somebody come and play.

Such beauty in death...

Down in flames!


Cycle of life.

Okay... I'll stop now. I like Kenju's caption for this one, too.

Mantha said...

cedar falling on 'snow'

do not adjust the color on your monitor

God sent me down here to say "Happy Autumn"

the leaves go falling one by one, hurrah, hurrah, the leaves go falling one by one, hurrah, hurrah.

it's one small drop for leaf, one giant fall for leaf-kind

Mystic Thistle said...

"Red Leaf of Courage."

or just,


barbie2be said...

it's leafs, not leaves! but only in ontario.

me said...

the LEAFS are falling the LEAFS are falling

but maybe only in Boston :-)

Chica, Cienna, and Cali said...

I will caption it "There is Death in the air" inspired by a poet's words:
"Give me the coldest & harshest of springs than the most glorious fall, for there is death in the air"

I love this season and for all its poignancy I still think it's the msot beautiful time of the year..but then who said poignancy is low on beauty :)

Anne said...

End of a season

botany 201: acer sacchrum


sheesh, carmi, this one's hard.

Sara said...

Being in Rwanda with a slow internet connection, I can't actually see your photo, so I've decided to play a new game - read all the comments & guess what the photo looks like & then make a comment, so here are my guesses:

lifeless leaf

leaft behind