Sunday, October 26, 2008

Caption This 94

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San Francisco, CA, March 2007

As we've seen with this week's Thematic Photographic journey, happiness can take on many forms. (Not sure what I'm talking about? Click here. I'll wait.) For me, happiness is knowing that I've had a good, productive day of churning and sharing ideas with really smart people, then turning those exchanges into something tangible and cool, like an article or an interview. It's an absolute gas, but often by the end of the day, I feel like I could sleep for a week.

So happiness could mean kicking back with the remote and resting the body and mind for a little bit. We don't always have to be "on", after all.

Your turn: Right? Wrong?

About last week's traffic-themed long exposure: I love these kinds of shots not only because the results are so weird-looking, but because of the process I get to follow in shooting them. There's a certain personal sense of peacefulness - a photographer's zen, if you will - that I get when it's just me, my tripod-mounted camera and a remote control in my hand. It's one of the few moments during any given day when I can completely control every element and ignore everything else. Not that I deliberately want to ignore folks, of course, but there's something to be said for unplugging for a bit every once in a while. I'll stop rambling now. Your turn...

This week, honorable menschens go to the following good folks:
  • Heidi: "Moving at the Speed of LIFE."
  • Awareness: "Life in the fast lane..."
  • Barb: "The River of Time."
  • Em: "Going nowhere fast."
  • Christy: "While I stand still..."
  • Craziequeen: "So, sir, did you get the registration plate?"
  • Bradley: "TRON."
  • Sarah: "Don't blink."
  • Salubrina: "Bended light."
But because there can be only one winner, PastorMac's Ann tops all with "Life went by me like a blur." Made me kinda sad, but it touched on what I felt as the cars whizzed by in the darkness. We need to pause more often, I think. Her blog, It's Always a Production, is a delightfully real peek into the very real, very full life of her family. Highly recommended. Have fun with this week's photo. And no jokes about my feet, k?

One more thing: I've noticed a few comments in recent weeks from visitors who've said they didn't post their own photos because they weren't "perfect" enough. This photo, a quick snap with barely-adequate lighting and composition, is far from perfect, and I'm sharing it here for a reason. Specifically, not every photo needs to be ideal. As long as it sends a message, or touches the eye and the brain in some way, then it's worth sharing. I think we need to get a little more comfortable sharing the merely adequate snaps as well, since photography is more about participation than perfection. I hope this encourages more people to post whatever they've got.


Nestor Family said...

Thanks for "menschens"...

As for this week:

A glimspe...


Setting the scene...

Have a great week, Carmi!

Anonymous said...

With the patch on his right eye, and the constant nagging of his wife Gladys, Abner didn't really get the full viewing enjoyment of his new T.V.

Darren Stevens

Anonymous said...

Hey Carmi. disregard the last post. When it first came up. it only displayed 1/2 the T.v. and a huge amount of wall Hence the comment

swilek said...

Here is my Happy post:

Love this caption this photo...but am blanking at a creative caption for it! Have a great week!

tommie said...

The feet made me laugh.

I have a set on my Flickr just for feet in the air! I did get a few goofy looks at the soccer game yesterday when I was teetering on the edge of my seat with my boots in the air.

kenju said...

Thank God we don't always have to be "on". I look forward to watching a show or two each night - a sort of check your brain at the door (unless the show is Jeopardy) and relaxing!!

awareness said...

Kicking back....


Barefooted freedom.....

Ok, I'll think of some's early Monday morning and I'm sneaking a peak while at work.

I also wanted to let you know I've posted another Happy Happy post and I'm REALLY Happy with the results. Can't wait for you to check it out!!

Glenn Bishop "Bish The Magish" said...

Speaking of pictures - most of the best aoudience pictures that I have of my show were taken from members of the audience while the show was going on.

Great point about pictures Carmi.

Glenn Bishop

Sara said...

look mom no feet on the telly

Sara said...

TOEtally blocking the view

Sara said...

TOEnight we bring you a glimps of his feet

Sara said...

TOEtally toes

Chica, Cienna, and Cali said...

Combining the image and the theme, I take inspiration from Warner Bros. ......"Happy Feet" :DDD

Other caption entries:

"Best feet forward" ;D
"Caught flat-footed" ;D
"Are you putting your foot err..feet down??"

Have a happy monday, carmi!

PastormacsAnn said...

Wow, Carmi! (blushing) Thanks for the praise and I'm glad that you liked my caption for last week. Life feels very much like a blur. Time just seems to fly by so quickly!

this week: "Barely watching"

Mystic Thistle said...

Thanks for the mention! Ooo, this one is fun too!

"Feet first, Brain later."



"Oh hi, T.V."

"Filled like flat bread."

Joan said...

Ack! Moi and I must have great minds, because we think alike. Well, in lieu of "Happy Feet," the best I can do is
"Footloose" or
"Prime time relaxing time."

Jacie said...

just settling down to watch Tootsie

Mantha said...

look ma, no hands!

keep your toes in line

you can pick your friends, you can pick at your toes, but don't let your toes pick out your shows.

~thanks for the honorable menschen.

awareness said...

Twinkle toes takes a time out

Anonymous said...

Did someone say "toeing the line" yet?

Or "Footsie."

Omykiss said...

Oh no! I'm disappearing into a Black Hole ... Help!

Anne said...

I've been thinking all week on this one and got nothing. So, how bout a museum-style caption:

Feet with Television?

Or better yet Television with Feet?

Or maybe Balancing Feat?

Aw, maybe I should just go to bed.