Thursday, October 09, 2008

Shoeless Joe

Fill these, please
London, ON, September 2008
Photographer: Noah Levy
About this photo: Thematic Photographic is exploring the "grounded" theme all week long. Head here to see where it all began. Today's picture was taken by our son, Noah. If you're joining us from 'A' Morning, I'd like to welcome you aboard, and hope you enjoy your visit here. It's always great to have neighbors drop in to say hi.
This is what happens when you give your camera to an eight-year-old. Aside from the heartstopping insanity of watching this little being hold this rather large, expensive camera (explanation for my insanity: it's insured) I had the privilege of watching him compose each picture. Scary thing is, he gets the same look in his eye that I do! And as you can see, he's similarly, um, different in his compositional style.

Chalk up another joy of parenthood, and look for more photographic output from all our kids - they've all been bitten, it would seem - in future entries.

Your turn: Kids taking after their parents. Please discuss.


lissa said...

I love this picture - and though my comment has nothing to do with kids taking after their parents, it is relevant (so please bear with me).

Last year, at the corner of our street, Sam (then 10) and I were walking the puppy. There was a pair of women's shoes at the bus stop there, just a pair of shoes, perfectly placed, right and left in order, abandoned.

Sam looked at them for a moment and said, " you suppose it's an invisible woman?"

I took a pic - have to dig it out but after the giggle that comment evoked, I actually did a "David Copperfield wave" - both arms, through the place where a body might be standing in those seemingly unoccupied shoes.

Alas, if she was invisible, she was also intangible.

Great pic, Noah - keep it up, it's a successful photographer who can make other people reach good memories!! I look forward to more Noah Originals!

Barbara said...

Carmi, if I hadn't read the story I would have sworn you took the picture! Noah is definitely Carmi 2.0!

Anonymous said...

I'm really enjoying this theme. I'm having to think about it quite a bit, though.
My kids do reach for my camera, and I suppose I need to lighten up and let them play a bit.
I love watching them take shots of what they love the most. Stuffed animals, to trains. It gives them joy to see their beloved objects on the LCD screen. That's how it starts, right?

I am a Tornado ~ proven fact! said...

I so agree with Barb.

Sometimes when my girls become me, it leaves me speechless then I deny it. I never wanted to become my mother, but she wasn't so bad, actually she was a great mom.

I am my mom's daughter.

My girls have similar traits of all of the women in my family, it's a strong family trait.

Noah, I'm sure has his own personality, but there is a LOT of Carmi in there, and that isn't a bad thing at all.

Nestor Family said...

There is nothing like the creativity of kids!!! I love this shot! It has a fresh, raw quality... and it makes you think, "How did those shoes get there? Whose are they?"

photowannabe said...

A budding photographer with great composition and perspective. Love his interpetation of Grounded.