Thursday, October 02, 2008

Tough week for a little man

He plays
London, ON
September 2008

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Our youngest son, Noah, has spent a lot of time hanging out at home this week. Not by choice, mind you. He's been running a fever since Monday, and since he absolutely must follow the most treasured traditions of our little family - we run very hot when we're sick - he's routinely topped 104 and even touched 105. I guess you're not a parent unless your kid scares you now and again.

When his temp wouldn't come down on Tuesday night, I loaded him into the wondervan and drove through the rainy darkness to the ER. (Note to G-d: I know it was Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. I know I did A Bad Thing by driving on this High Holy Day. But I've always been taught that health takes precedence over holidays. And even if it doesn't, he's my kid. Revoke my membership if you must.)

Typical Noah, he chattered all the way down and charmed the pants off of the triage nurses and doctors when we finally got there. I guess they were relieved to treat a sweet kid in blue jammies who politely answered their questions through huge blue eyes.

He hung out in a bed just a couple of curtains down from the bed where his older brother's broken leg (see here, here and here for more) had been treated just little over a year ago. And after a while, when the friendly doc said it was probably some sort of infection and discharged him, he picked up his blankie, said goodbye to the docs and nurses, grabbed my hand and walked with me back into the damp night. Another adventure for a little man who probably just wanted to be at home, in bed, healthy and comfy.

We kept him home from school today, and tomorrow's a likely sick day, too, while I try to get him back to our family doc for something hopefully more definitive than "some sort of infection." No parent ever wishes for a child to be sick, of course, but I'll quietly admit to liking this unplanned time with him just a little. It's another chapter in his life that I'll remember in technicolor as he continues his rush toward adulthood. I hope he'll remember our grand adventure to the ER, too, and smile at the memory as well.

Your turn: Making sick folks - of any age or size - feel better. Please discuss.


barbie2be said...

i hope noah is feeling better soon!

i had a FUO (that's fever of unknown origin) last week myself. and this past tuesday night was in the ER with my shoulder injury. at least i got good drugs. ;)

Unknown said...

Just love Carmi...that is all it takes. And a few kisses topped off with some gooey concern;) Hope your little man feels better soon.

smarmoofus said...

Weren't the medicos concerned at all by the intensity of his fever? 104/105 is worrying to me. Anyway, I hope he's feeling better soon. And even if he's fever-free in the morning, I hope he takes one more day off to be sure he's kicked whatever it is.

Robin said...

Poor little guy, it's no fun being sick, and especially not on a holiday. I hope he's perked up by now.

We spent our Rosh Hashana camping in the north of Israel. I'd just put up a long post with loads of photos when I saw this week's theme. Fortuitous timing, I already had a "kid" post up :-).

Shana tova u'metuka to you and your family. May it be a happy, HEALTHY and peaceful one filled with much love and laughter.

Lynda said...

Poor baby. I hope he's feeling better soon. I agree with Andrea...we all need special lovin' when we're sick. Sounds like you guys are doing a fine job of it.

kenju said...

I'm glad it's nothing serious,. carmi, and I am sure that G-d will forgive you for driving.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like a sick child to just rip your heart out and stomp on it, huh? Hope he starts feeling better soon and is back to his old self before long.

I think you get a pass on the driving.

Nestor Family said...

God is not going to revoke anything... you acted out of love and caring. Nothing wrong with that anyday!!!

Those mystery fevers are a b*tch! I hate not knowing what is absolutely wrong with my kids when they are sick. It drives me crazy!

I really hope Noah feels good soon! I will pray for no more trips to the ER anytime soon!

Holly Schwendiman said...

Awww so sorry for him, hope he's feeling tip top soon! My kids run those high fevers too and it's no fun for mom and dad at all!


MamaCta! said...

Hi Carmi,
I know that feeling of having a sick kid. And making trips to the ER in the middle of the night. Definitely twists your heart in a knot. Yet at the same time, to be there for your kid and hold him when he's feeling bad--there's nothing that comes close to that feeling.

Hope he's better soon.

awareness said...

fevers are scary and have made that run to ER many times myself....once on Easter Sunday...left the meal right on the table....and once on Christmas...left a whole family sitting at my dining room eating while wondering if Martha was suffering from appendicitis. Guess not, she still has hers. :)

Love to Noah......may the fever fairy arrive tonight and take it all away.........we too burn hot at my house.

here's my link to my thematic post....i didn't know if it worked when i tried to leave a comment on the proper post.

Sara said...

Hope Noah gets well soon...and, I'm sure your membership won't get revoked!!! :)

Belle Adorn said...

Ahhh, I have a Noah too. It's a beautiful name.

My son, Jacob, was one that always had high fevers. If the tylenol didn't work for him then I would use a warm bath to cool him down. You don't want it to be too cool but cooler than he is. That also helps to keep them hydrated if they can't drink or drink enough.

Hopefully your Noah is over it by now. Tina

Catherine said...

That's a lovely camera angle - a very poignant shot
Hope Noah is better soon. Our children didn't have fevers much that I recall, not ER level fevers anyway, but we did have one year of about eight trips to the ER for asthma with our youngest.

Barbara said...

Doesn't it just break your heart when the kids are sick? Fevers are so scary, especially high ones. I hope Noah is doing better --- Mom and Dad, too.

Maggie, Dammit said...

I read your most recent post first, so I know he's doing better -- thank goodness.


"I guess you're not a parent unless your kid scares you now and again."

is the truest thing I've read in a long, long time.