Friday, September 03, 2010

3PAR: HP wins. Dell loses. I write.

The media craziness continues, as I've been commenting extensively on BlackBerry maker RIM's challenges in India, the CRTC's decision to force carriers to give refunds to some of its customers, and the HP/Dell bidding war over storage vendor 3PAR.

I published a piece on that last bit - HP won the war yesterday, BTW, with a final $33.00/share offer that prompted Dell to bow out - in today's Toronto Star*. Here's the link:

Fighting for the cloud: Behind the duel for 3PAR

I've also been busy in front of the camera. Here's a rundown of this week's major hitters:
  • CTV News Channel. Chatted with anchor Dan Matheson about the RIM/India thing. Video here.
  • CBC's Lang & O'Leary Exchange. Spoke about the RIM story as well. Video here. They begin coverage about 1:15 in, and the interview proper starts at 16:50 in.
  • Global National (first time!) I spoke with anchor Gord Steinke about the CRTC (Canadian telecom regulator) decision to tick off carriers by forcing them to refund some of the proceeds of the so-called "deferral account". Video here. Click the Sep. 1, 2010 image, then scroll to about 7:25 in (14:45 to go) for the report by Francis Silvaggio.
Whew...what a great week! This stuff never gets old, and I always feel privileged that the phone continues to ring, and that I get to share perspectives with some of the smartest people out there. Very cool stuff.

* This is my third article for the Star. Article 1 is here. Article 2 is here.


CorvusCorax12 said...

all way over my head but great to see you give your know-how. I still function with a plain jane cellphone

Gyrobo said...

Excellent writeup on the HP/Dell tussle. One thing, though,

"Newer solutions like Google Gears attempt to bridge the gap..."

Gears has pretty much been obsolesced by new standards like DOM Storage. I actually wrote a short article on the history of persistent data storage within web browsers some time ago.

Vodka Mom said...

(you crack me up.)