Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The family that paints together...

Painting with mom
London, ON
February 2009
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My wife is so artistic and crafty that it was inevitable that our kids would inherit it from her. And they have. Beyond their ability to express themselves in a variety of media, they love to dive into it just as much as she does. I think that's what gets me when I watch them with her: That they throw themselves into it and have such a good time exploring, with her as their guide.

I'm still building my ability to successfully complete stick figures, so I'm not overly keen to pick up a brush alongside them. Instead, I'm content to observe quietly as I pop into the kitchen every once in a while for a snack. And if I snag a picture or two along the way, so much the better. It's one of those neat things about being part of this family, and one of those neat things that will never get old.

On this day, the windows were frosted over with yet another wintry blast. But just inside, Debbie and the kids had turned the kitchen table into a temporary art studio. Our daughter painted a collage that day that sits on our fireplace mantel today, and serves as my Twitter page backdrop (link here). Their work shows up in so many places around the house that it's difficult to walk through any room and not be reminded of what they can do.

I hope they'll always want to take the time to create with their mom. It's one of those seemingly little things that makes childhood worth remembering.

On second thought, maybe it isn't so little after all.

Your turn: Do you have a fond childhood memory you'd like to share?


Somewhere round about said...

As a child, walking into our kitchen, the rayburn threw out heat and comfort and up close against the side sat the cat basket.
That massive warmth was the heartbeat of our home......

Kalei's Best Friend said...

I have so many!....and this may sound sad, the memories are w/ female relatives that taught me things my mom did not have time to teach me or did not think to teach...
My aunt- Dad's immediate sis taught me to embroider... yep, and my grandma taught me to wash dishes... Yep, something so simple as washing dishes.. I loved it because, my mom being anal wouldn't let me do anything that would change her routine... pitiful isn't it? but I had a special relationship w/these two women..that is what has stayed w/me all these years. that and the fact my grandma would teach me about mac and cheese, oatmeal cookies...and the fantastic dinners my grandpa would make for us.

21 Wits said...

here's a suggestion if you're still looking for today's photo....."guess the image" you could play it several ways...even one where we would need to figure out the theme you had in mind...! just a thought for now or later!