Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Twitter gets hacked. I get shot (with a camera).

The neat thing about having a front-row seat to the only thing more fun than a drunk roller derby race - read the tech industry - is the randomness of it all. When I wake up, the day I've laid out ahead of me can change on a dime if something big happens in the world of tech.

Yesterday's "something big" was the fact that Twitter, the popular microblogging service (wiki) that allows me and 160 million others to nag our friends, had been hacked. By the time the dust settled, the White House Press Secretary and the wife of the ex-British PM were among the victims. And my phone began to ring.

I spoke with CTV News Channel's Sandie Rinaldo - video here - and then appeared in Rob Brown's report - video here - on the CTV national newscast at 11 p.m. (well, 11:22-ish by the time the report aired.) The report re-ran in the morning on Canada AM. Here's CTV's main page for this story.

Your turn: On Twitter? Following me yet? Go here. Yes, folks, I'm that shameless.


Karine said...

Ha, isn't that a novelty! I'm not on Twitter though and don't plan to be since I'm already on Facebook and have my blog as well and my e-mail accounts. I find I already have enough to keep up with with all of that :o)

CorvusCorax12 said...

hehe...added you, although i'm not a big twitterer ;)