Saturday, September 25, 2010

Before the red light goes on

You can experience a so-called "still life" moment even when you're in the middle of a very busy sequence of events. I'd like to share this scene from a studio as Exhibit A.

I was a bit early for my interview earlier this week, so I had a couple of minutes to spend in this very special place. It's special because it's been around since long before I came on the scene, and if its muted, hanging-equipment-to-the-rafters walls could talk, they'd tell stories of a community's broadcast history, and of shows and personalities who imprinted themselves on generations of viewers. It's the kind of behind-the-scenes scene that few of them were ever privileged to see, but that doesn't even come close to eroding its impact.

So whenever I get the chance to drink in the peacefulness of this shrine to broadcast history, I grab it. I know it's a small thing, but I'm learning, slowly, that life is well lived when you take the time to appreciate the small things.

Your turn: Ever take time to smell the proverbial roses? Care to share?


Ginny Hartzler said...

Goodness, so plain behind the scenes, then probably great when it is transformed to the screen. This would be a good example of things not really being what they seem.

Pamela said...

It's a reminder that I need to. for sure.

Anonymous said...

I had two reminders earlier this week on my last day in Paris. In searching for something else, I almost missed some amazing moments happening right in front of me.

Karine said...

I do indeed stop the smell the roses! I work in a department where I interact with people all day long and I always enjoy getting in first and soaking in the quiet of the office before my colleagues get in, the tourists start showing up, the phones start ringing and the walkie-talkies start squawking. So quiet, so peaceful, but if the walls could talk, they would indeed have many stories to tell.

sage said...

I so often think of "smelling the roses" as an outdoor activity, but you remind us here that it can (and should) happen in other places too. Nice post and I'm glad you got to appreciate the history.

David Edward said...

i stopped and smelled the pine needles, I am still trying to write about it.. more later

Somewhere round about said...


rules of living:
pay your taxes
put out your own trash
flush and wash/ brush and floss
AND...take time to smell the roses

....should be taught in school....