Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Little. Yellow. Different. Better.

They call me Mellow Yellow
London, ON, April 2009

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There's a softness to flowers that extends well beyond how they feel when you touch them. I think of it as a visual kind of softness, more of a feeling or a tone than anything else. It's the kind of thing that lowers my blood pressure when I'm around them, that makes me smile because I can still enjoy a simple pleasure in the middle of an otherwise busy life.

Your turn: Does this make any sense at all?

(Almost forgot: Happy new month, everyone!)


Gyrobo said...

It's because matte surfaces have a pleasing texture that you've come to visually associate with comfort.

Or maybe you just like flowers.

Scarlet said...

Flowers are like fish... they just soothe.
Maybe it's the colours... maybe it's nature...
Who cares?! Flowers and fish are like valium!

Cloudia said...

Yellow is a synonym for wonderful!!!

Beep Beep! Aloha!

theMuddledMarketPlace said...

visits to the shops take ages now it is the rose season..

Catherine said...

Yellow is my favourite colour, particularly in flowers. I finally got round to posting my flower photos, I left the link on your first post for the theme.

photowannabe said...

Thanks Carmi for your very nice comments. I really appreciate.
I guess I stay as "wannabe" because I want to get better at seeing the world through my lens.
Love your yellow flowers. Aren't flowers amazing. Their insides fascinate me. They just make me feel good.

Carli N. Wendell said...


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randomlyamy said...

It's so cool how you could write so little but your choice of words means so much, and it's so empowering ! Love the picture of the yellow flowers. It really soothes my mood :D

brooklynlive said...

Yes, it does make sense. You have to appreciate the small things in life.

Anna said...

Yes, it makes sense.

I love flowers. =) Being touc by and able to appreciate something so perfect and beautiful makes me feel a little bit prettier myself.

I may not be beautiful, but I at least recognize what it looks like.