Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Facing a very large planet

What's out there
Delray Beach, FL, January 2011
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Say hi to our three kids, seen here frolicking at the edge of a calm ocean almost exactly a year ago today. A number of things strike me as I look at this scene, prime among them the fact that they're three relatively young kids at the edge of a very large sea. It reminds me of the very large world that awaits them, and how they'll grow up to meet whatever challenges it throws their way.

I wonder if they'll always look out for each other in the surf as they clearly did on this day, and whether I've done enough as a dad to instill in them enough menschkeit - basically, goodness - to do just that as they grow into the adults they're destined to be.

Your turn: Do you still play in the surf? Or wherever else?


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

I loved going to the beach as a kid (and I guess I'm still a kid!), but I don't make it nearly so often now.

The Atlantic waves seemed big as houses when I was little. I loved them (mostly we'd go to Jekyll Island, Ga.).

Sara said...

Yes! I love the ocean and waves. I bring my kids to the ocean as much as possible. That's a beautiful moment you captured! (I have enjoyed all your favourites and others from last week)!

Dawn said...

One of my favorite places to stay...when I can get there!
I was just talking this exact same thing over with my sister this am...regarding our kids. It seems as a parent we can only instill so much- and then they begin to choose just what it is they need to get through their own lives. I have to quit lamenting over what I didn't instill...and hope that what I DID is enough.

Imaginography said...

To carry on with your metaphor, I've always waded out into deeper water because I wanted to know what was there. The trick is to keep your feet on the ground and not go too deep :)