Thursday, January 05, 2012

Tightly woven

Step on me
London, ON, May 2011
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This picture exemplifies some of the ridiculousness that drives me. I'm sure no one ever got down on the floor and shot the carpet this closely, and I'm pretty sure no one ever will. I think they're missing out on some serious fun.

I've never viewed photography as a craft of "musts". When I go somewhere, there aren't any pictures that I absolutely must take, or poses that everyone feels compelled to bring back from their travels. So you won't see iconic pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge in my archives. Oh, I DO have pictures of that bridge, but not like any you've ever seen.

Because I'm a little different. I see the world differently. And I use my camera to share that kinda off-base perspective with everyone around me. Sometimes it scares them off. Sometimes it ticks them off. But that's OK with me, because it leaves me more time for the folks who get me, who smile at my weirdness, who shrug with a smile at strangers when I get up on the chair at the restaurant to capture the hanging lamp from just the right angle.

Because the world's a wonderful place. And I'd hate to see the same thing every time I open my eyes.

Your turn: How do you see your world differently?


Mustang Sally said...

That's a wonderful shot Carmi! I'm too far behind to go archive diving this week as my years started a bit early this year ;) but I'll try to participate next week.

I find I look at everything differently through the camera lens. It allows me to separate 'me' and how I might feel, from the scene, and it takes on a whole new meaning.

The Fabulous Ms M. said...

"If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." George S. Patton

Since you like to use quotes I thought I'd share a favorite of mine. It reminds me to see things for myself. And on that note I have to say I'm glad people see things differently. In fact, I have a picture of the GG Bridge that is much differently seen than yours and it was taken on a whim while playing in crissy fields one day.
You can find it here along with a scene that has nothing to do with the picture.