Friday, January 27, 2012

Play. Move. Live.

Pure joy
Delray Beach, FL, January 2012
About this photo: Thematic explores movement this week, and I hope you'll join us. Click here to get started.
There's something to be said for taking a few steps back so you can watch your kids be themselves. I don't do nearly enough of it during the day-to-day routine that defines our day-to-day lives. Too busy working, grocery shopping, shuttling and worrying to unplug and just enjoy them for who they are. That has to change, because moments like this one on the beach are fleeting.

There's also something to be said for doing instead of just standing on the perimeter looking in. So after I took this picture, I put the camera back into its hermetically sealed bag and dove into the surf with our kids. No pictures or video. Just a vivid memory of an all-too-brief afternoon on the beach when we disconnected from the real world and enjoyed the moment.

Your turn: When's the right time to put the camera down and dive in?


Dawn said...

A Great capture in a moment of time, and wonderful thoughts.
I sometimes shake my head at the times I've missed just "doing", all because i needed the right "shot".
Putting the camera down isn't the worst I could do;)!
Treasure the moment we are in.
Thanks Carmi.

Unknown said...

A friend of mine made the observation of "Just do it". I found his statement to be annoying. When is there time for busy people to actualize? My best answer is this: "When the opportunity presents itself and we recognize it and can then 'go for it'". I also like Dawn's answer! Have a good day, Carmi!