Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Waiting for the world to wake up

Barely first light
Pompano Beach, FL, December 27, 2011, 7:00 a.m.
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About this photo: We're exploring the after dark theme this week, and I figure the moments just before sunrise just barely qualify as after dark. Way after dark. What's in your collection? Click here to share it.
As I wandered alone onto the darkened beach in anticipation of sunrise, I was struck by two things:
  1. I'm the only person around insane enough to be out here in the chilling wind as blowing sand threatens to add a new design to my lens filter.
  2. I'd come out here every morning, earlier even, if I lived closer.
If we're being rational - work with me on this one, as you already know rationality isn't my strongest suit - this wasn't the best morning to shoot the sunrise. As I first got outside, I felt like kicking myself when I saw the sky: The clouds pretty much wiped out the building light show and the blowing sand coming in from the south (right-of-frame) limited my available angles.

I worried about destroying my camera in pursuit of lousy pictures, and toyed with heading back inside. But the little angel on my other shoulder reasoned it's not as if I get out here all that often. So I decided to stick it out and see how things evolved.

Initial photographic disappointment notwithstanding, it felt strangely comforting to feel the constant, salt-stained wind in my face as I watched the horizon come alive. The longer I stayed on the slowly brightening sand, the more I realized just how wrong my first impressions were. The winds were blowing the clouds into italicized patterns on the horizon that pulled the eye in and wouldn't let go. Instead of blocking the light, the clouds played games with it. They seemed to partner up seamlessly with the gradually rising sun, painting its rays in ways I would have completely missed had the skies been clear.

I took a lot more pictures after this initial view, and I'll post them soon. For now, though, I wanted to share a moment that seemed to start out like a washout but ended up even more rewarding than I had originally imagined. Sometimes, you just have to give things some time to see where they'll take you. Otherwise, think of what you would have missed.

Your turn: Ever have disappointment turn into something great?


David Edward said...

i love the early morning light of winter.

Alexia said...

It's a great time to be up and about - and this was certainly worth the effort of getting up and being the only person "insane enough". It will be good to see the other shots.

Tabor said...

Oh, Carmi, you have discovered exactly how I feel on those mornings I sneak out for a good photo or two! Most times there is nothing to publish, but greeting the new day brings us back to our connection with this earth. We live in such artificial light and temperatures daily that we loose touch with the biological beings we really are.

Linda Roth said...

Often. So often that I no longer question why did I do that or why am I here. It's taken a few years to get this positive.