Sunday, January 01, 2012

The little mermaid

Delray Beach, FL, January 2011
About this photo: Thematic. Favorite photos of the year. You. Here. Please and thank you.
Quick forewarning that over the next day or two I'll be posting a couple of beach-themed perspectives on the little people who turned us into parents. Why? Because for better or worse they never cease to force me to ponder what the heck I'm supposed to be doing on this planet.

And as much as they complain about my incessant pointing of lenses in their general direction, they eventually relent and let me grab a few megapixels of them being themselves. Because even they seem to sense that this life thing is fleeting, and we can't let moments like these slip unnoticed into the past.

On this sunny afternoon, I'm glad our daughter let me take the camera out. It's been a year since this was taken, and I can already see how much she's changed. She's less little-girl and more young-lady, more forward-looking than back. She's started high school, made new friends, pursued new interests and become more independent than even she suspected she could.

This picture freezes her in a moment before all that change happened. It doesn't stop time, but it does make it easier to accept just how blindingly fast it seems to be moving.

Your turn: How do you use your camera to remember?

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Alexia said...

What a truly lovely photo!

Cameras - thankfully, they take me back to people and places I have loved, liked or enjoyed. I only wish that I had all the old photos from when my children were young available in digital form.