Tuesday, August 20, 2013

An early morning with Frasier

I was up early today. Couldn't sleep - typical of me, lately - so I stumbled to the end of the bed, sat on the edge and hung out with Frasier the wonderdog for a while. I'm pretty sure he wanted to sleep, but in the soft, dim light of the new dawn, I needed a moment made up of little more than quiet interaction with a dog who doesn't speak my language yet still seems to understand what I'm feeling - and what I need - at any given moment. I stroked his fur and watched him stare back at me, huge brown eyes barely breaking contact as he lay quietly, one leg hanging over the edge.

It's moments like this that make me glad we have him. Dog ownership is likely the most inconvenient, expensive and annoying process known to humankind. While petless souls are enjoying the aesthetic perfection of their pristine homes, we're slogging ourselves in from walks in the pouring rain or cleaning up after yet another canine romp through the garbage. But when we need an unconditional friend and a fix for a bruised body and soul, I admit to forgetting all about the inconvenience for a while. I'll trade away every last iota of neatness for another moment with him.

He was just what I needed this morning, and while I think I owe him for his lost sleep, I know he'll be right there again tomorrow if I need him.


Bob Scotney said...

A poignant thought for me. When you see my TP post this week you will understand my thoughts about Cody the dog my daughter has just lost.

Muse & Views Bookclub said...

Every day Max makes us laugh, shows us affection and keeps us fit walking him. He is an important member of the family.