Saturday, August 24, 2013

Through my daughter's eyes

Dad on the beach
Deerfield Beach, FL
December 2010
Thematic. I didn't shoot this. Here.
I'm sure I'm not alone in my aversion to being in photos. I know it sounds strange given how much I enjoy taking them, but I just don't like looking back at myself, and I'm guessing most others would rather be looking at something - or someone - else, too.

So one of the reasons I take as many pictures as I do is because it helps me avoid being on the wrong side of the lens. Hiding behind a chunk of plastic, alloys, electronics and glass is a great way to stay out of frame. It also speaks to my introverted self (there, another thing you didn't much know about me.) I love being around people as much as the next person, but when things get crowded and noisy, I'd much rather immerse myself in something technical and controllable. So out comes the camera and off I go.

The net result is there aren't all that many pics out there, and even fewer that I really like.

This one's an exception, because in the few seconds it took our daughter to compose and shoot, she managed to capture the "me" of me. This is where I'd rather be, doing the things I love to do, surrounded by my family, the folks who matter most. And looking back at a moment like this is something I could do forever.

Your turn: A moment you'd love to look back on. Please discuss.

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