Friday, August 23, 2013

Neil Armstrong was here

Walking on the moon, at the beach
Deerfield Beach, FL
December 2010
About this photo: Thematic's "I didn't shoot this" week continues. To share a photo that someone else took, head here.
Our daughter took this picture as we spent a quiet late afternoon on a windy seashore. Conditions were far too chaotic to swim, so we simply walked along the almost empty beach, cameras in hand, and looked for things that caught our respective eye.

She wasn't even around when Apollo 11 astronaut Neil Armstrong left his iconic footprint on the moon (see here for a photo set) but she somehow managed to channel the feel of the historic vision pretty nicely.

I like how she thinks.

Your turn: Ever take a picture that ended up reminding you of something else, perhaps something from history?


tiff said...

Why does it look like the print is raised? Is it magic?

carmilevy said...

Good catch. I think the light is playing games with the perspective: it can be seen both ways. Cool!