Monday, August 05, 2013

For the love of God, get an editor

London, ON
July 2013
I thought I'd wrap up this week's Thematic theme, signs of the times*, with a quick look at one particular sign that could have used a little more cooking time.

I realize not everyone is a language maven, so I'm not about to judge folks whose spelling and grammar aren't sharpened to a knife-like edge. Indeed, I recognize that I'm functional in only three languages, which means there are a bajillion other languages that would leave me laughably out of my depth.

But still. Call a friend? Have someone else proofread it before it goes to the sign people? Or hire sign people who also copy edit? Something? Bueller?

Your turn: Got any other sign failures you'd like to share?

* If you'd like to submit a photo in support of the signs theme, feel free to click here. New theme, repetitious, goes live tonight at 7 p.m. Eastern.


Sidd said...

This only loosely relates to your post but had to share. My favorite sign was in a super market. It read, "Cashier's will swipe all credit cards. " Needless to say, I stuck with cash.

Katney said...

I cringed over one at a sandwich shop which suggested "lettuce cater your party".

Lisa Shafer said...

I have been known to grab a green pen (such as I use for grading papers) and correct signs in public places. ;)

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Hey, I've just expanded into non-fiction. I'd be glad to help anyone proof a sign!

Unknown said...

There was one I saw at a sandwich place once talking about the "topings" you could get on your sandwich. After a few visits, I let them know it was incorrect... it was fixed to "toppings" shortly thereafter. lol.

MaiyaKCox said...

I saw a sign in front of an unfinished furniture store that read, "shutters - half off!"