Friday, August 16, 2013

When you play with trains...

Waiting for shipment
Toronto, ON

February 2013
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Lots of train-related news lately, most of it unhappy. A runaway train loaded with crude oil slammed into Lac-Megantic, Quebec's downtown core and largely obliterated it - and 47 lives - last month. In Spain, a speeding commuter train derailed and killed 79 people.

It's enough to make me want to walk the next time I need to go somewhere. Oh wait, even that isn't safe.

Wherever you're going and however you plan on getting there, I hope you enjoy this rather peaceful, if industrial, view of a Toronto rail yard from above. Not because I want to make a statement about train safety. But because it reminded me of the building blocks I played with way too many years ago. I rather enjoy when big stuff is rendered small by distance. And, I guess, time.


Glennis said...

THe Lac Megantic thing is just horrific. It chills me, to think of how that could have happened - people who were sleeping in their beds, or just enjoying a drink suddenly obliterated. Just horrible.

There was another bad train wreck in Switzerland, and of course the one in Paris, too. Those struck home to me because I've travelled by train in those countries.

That said, trains are still safer statistically than cars.

Pat Tillett said...

Train accidents can be devastating, but I still love everything about trains.
There is no more relaxing form of travel. For me at least...