Thursday, May 09, 2024

Calli at 7

This is more difficult than it looks
London, ON
May 2024
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Birthday week here in Levyland continues, and today it’s my turn.

Yes, dogs can, too, have birthdays, and today is my seventh.

Which means I’ve had seven years to learn a whole lot of things, like advanced language skills so I can write social media posts, the ability to nap anywhere and anytime, and adaptive bunny, squirrel, chipmunk, and bird hunting techniques. I still haven’t learned NOT to play with skunks, though. Maybe I’ll work on that this year. Or not.

I’ve also learned how loved I am. My people are always petting me, playing with me, hugging me, and otherwise getting in my face. I’m not always the best behaved girl - I’m loud, I chew things that probably shouldn’t be chewed, and most of the other dogs in the neighbourhood know enough to cross the street whenever they see me coming. But I try to give them kisses on their noses so they know how much I appreciate being part of the family.

My dad takes me on long walks, and he often talks to me as we explore the streets and parks around our house. He still calls me his puppy, saying if he never wants to grow up, he doesn’t want me to grow up, either. He talks about something called time, that humans and dogs alike don’t get enough of it, and we wouldn’t want to ruin it by forgetting what it was like to be a puppy.

So I won’t forget. I’m still bonkers like I was when they first brought me home. I still follow them everywhere they go. I still snuggle with them, hard. And I still wish all of this would last forever, even though I know it probably doesn’t.

I’d love to write more, but as you can see, today I’m focused on refining my napping technique, and I’ve found just the right spot on the couch. This life thing is turning out pretty good, and I’m one thankful schnu.


Calli the Wonderschnauzer

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