Saturday, October 13, 2007

Fall flowers

Ready to bloom
London, ON, October 2007 [Click to enlarge]

It's been a while since I took a closer look at flowers. The first macro images I ever shot were floral, and it's a theme that I've come back to time and again over the years.

Now that my macro lens has been fixed, I find myself squinting at closeup objects a lot more often than I used to. It's good to be thinking small again.

Your turn: What do we see when we take the time to lean in?


wordnerd said...

Leaning into this photo, I see life ready to burst forth! Wonderful shot, Carmi -- so full of possibility.

craziequeen said...

I see new life on the cusp, just as everything is dying off for winter.

I look at a lot of things very closely, I am intrigued by grass, leaves, flowers etc. Nature looks so different close-up.

Michele sent me to see what you are showing us today.

I hear Zach is an orange-legged alien now.... :-)
Hope the various parents are better soon and plans for Zach's Bar Mitzvah go smoothly.

November Rain said...

michelle sent me

Fire likes Macro of butterflies and insects and flowers

but I am not a photographer

tommiea said...

my favorite things to get up close and personal are flowers and bugs.....lately I have been doing alot of eyes. The shape of my little boy's eyes are the only thing he got from me!

Lori said...

Beauty, peace and simplicity. How sad that we miss all that all too often!

Sara said...

Hello, Carmi, Michele sent me to visit - although I would have been here in a little while.

Thank you for the compliment - I appreciate that more than you know. I love your blog!

Love the photo. I was wondering how that was done - so, you have to have a macro lens! Darn, I just have my little camera but all I know how to use is the "auto" - I need to read the book!!!!

D.O.M. Dan said...

Leaning in to things - as a figure of speech - to take a deeper look, I see things that I might have otherwise missed if it were only a glance.

I can't literally lean in to take a closer look at anything otherwise everything gets out of focus. I guess it's time for glasses.

Thanks for dropping by my blog to leave a comment. I miss reading blogs, and especially miss yours. Hope to visit more often. Best regards!

Michael Manning said...

Excellent timing of the season, Carmi!

David said...

the intricacies of life, which we may miss if we move to fast.
( i am slowing down to read a week of Carmi posts, that is step one. )

Tammy said...

Beautiful pic, Carmi. The one thing I miss about living up North is how things change. Everything seems to stay the same down here.

kristal said...

Details, details, details.

What would I like to see a little closer?

I love reflections, so maybe water drops? I don't have a macro lens and have the worst time taking those close up shots.

Diane Mandy said...

This is a gorgeos photo, Carmi. One of my favorites that you've posted.

gautami tripathy said...

Those flowers are full of life. It cheered up my morning.

When I am kind of relaxed and have nothing to do, I mostly reflect into the inner me. May be I should try to enjoy nature more.

Maybe Michele sent me here to set my thinking mode in that direction.