Sunday, October 07, 2007

Caption This 39

Please caption this image [See below for details]
London, ON, September 2007 [Click to embiggen]

My macro lens has found its way back home after spending a couple of months having its electronic innards replaced under warranty by the loving technicians at Nikon Canada. I didn't realize how much I missed getting up close and personal with the ordinary things that cross my everyday path until I clicked the lens back into its rightful place and went back to work. It felt good.

So expect the proportion of abstract photos to increase in the days and weeks to come. I'll apologize in advance: life's kinds stressful, and camera time is proving to be a welcome catharsis.

Your turn: Come up with a witty caption for this image. Share it in a comment. Share as many as you can come up with. I'll announce the winner next week. I'll be thankful for significantly longer. Instruction, such as they are, are here.

About last week's image This is window in my in-laws' living room as reflected by the neo-modern mirror that hangs on the wall. I liked the geometry and light, and hope you do, too.

Carli penned this week's winner: "Venetian Blinded By the Light." Little did she know that Manfred Mann's eponymous tune was an anthem of my childhood. Little did you know that today's her birthday. Please visit her and congratulate her.

Honorable mentions go to a bunch of very creative folks:
  • Heidi: "He Blinded Me With Science!" (I'm also a huge Thomas Dolby fan.)
  • Nikki-Ann: "How a window blind looks when you're blind drunk!"
  • Linda: "This what life looks like when you've lived with blinders on"
  • Judy: "Benjamin knew immediately that his Lasik eye surgery had not been successful!
  • BreadBox: "Venetian blind spots"
Thanks again for playing along. Have fun...and no wagering.


Gyrobo said...

"The Reproductive Cycle of the Common Balloon -- Part IV"

BreadBox said...

"Is it an innie? Or an outie? You be the judge!"

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

My mind is completely blank, Carmi...I haven't a clue as to what it is? It looks like it belongs in a Hospital...OY!
Anyway, Michele sent me here tonight and I hope things are sett;ing down a bit for you and your dear family.

David said...

Clara the face painting clown exhaled deeply into the large blue balloon, and then tied the knot, with herself inside! Quite a trick.
( its fatigue, another 14 hr day! )

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

"Bellybuttons are people, too!"

BreadBox said...

"Thomas the balloon's wrinkles were the first visible sign of old age...."

Michele sent me, and then you sent me to wish Carli a happy birthday too!

kenju said...

Nothing comes to mind for this one, Carmi, but thanks for the Honorable Mention last week!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Trying to paint on a balloon was a big mistake.

Michele sent me here.

Heidi said...

I thank you, too, for the honorable mention on last week's caption contest!

Boy... don't have anything for this week... cool photo, though!
(And I like breadbox's "Is it an innie? Or an outie? You be the judge!")

Take care, Carmi... you and family.

craziequeen said...

ooh, that's an evil one....

'is my balloon leaking?'

Let me know what you think of ATU.


Melissa said...

Well, how long can you hold your breath?

(Michele sent me. The image inspires many thoughts, but none really caption-worthy.

Glad the lens as been repaired/returned.

Reflekshins said...

Tijuana Breast Implant Surgery
== 25 bucks
Cost of Implants
== 50 cents
The expression of her soon-to-be-deflated ego
== priceless

Sarah said...

That's what my belly button used to look like! How ever did you get a picture of it?!?! lol

Teena said...

Very cool pic! I'm not feeling overly creative right now ... my brain is tired. Ha!

Instead I'll wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and let you know that Michelle says hello!

Bernie said...

Not wanting anymore 'stray or unwanted Ballons', he decieded he should tie a not in it...

Here from Michele's this not so fine, Sydney Monday morning...

burntofferings and more at bernies fotoblog

Star said...

Again, Carmi,I fold under pressure. I like Breadbox's entry. michele sent me.

Jessica Foster said...

As he continued to travel over the tree tops, Winnie the Poo said, "Oh bother, perhaps this wasn't the best idea...."

texasblu said...

Hi Carmi, Michele sent me - Happy Thanksgiving!

"It felt a little blue, and tied itself in knots, it trying to keep the hot air building inside, only to let it burst out in the end."

I know - to long. I'm terrible at these things. :(

kenju said...

Michele sent me back to read all the entries, and I like Shane's and breadbox's!

Snaggle Tooth said...

Any one got a pin?

sister AE said...

A smurf belly-button, unretouched.