Saturday, October 06, 2007

Stepping out of the surf

Reflective gull
Grand Bend, Ontario, September 2007 [Click to embiggen]

My bird obsession returns. As the cold weather approaches, I suspect I'll have fewer opportunities to shoot pictures of things that fly. So as I walked off the beach for the last time on Labor Day weekend, I turned back and saw this reflective shot.

Your turn:
The things we miss over the winter. Please discuss.


November Rain said...

michelle sent me

In Fl we always thought of seagulls as rats with wings (in other words a pest)

yet look how beautiful you make it look

Jonathon Morgan said...

I was gonna say...that's the best looking seagull I've ever seen.

PI said...

I embiggened it( I still think that word is a joke:)and it is a superb photo. Excellent! I love the way it is actually stepping out. I'm here from Michele's and hope all is well with you and yours.

Mike Davis said...

Great shot! The thing I miss most about winter is coming home to a real fire. And the chance to wear winter clothes again.

Skiing and generally horsing about in snow, if we're lucky.

Here from Michele's - always a pleasure.

Moogie said...

This is a beautiful shot. I've never seen a seagull look that good.

During the winter, I miss the warmth of the sun. Granted, here in the southeast we don't experience snow, but it can get cold. It's worse when we have a freeze.

I miss going to the beach. I miss sitting outside at our patio table and visiting with the neighbors and watching the kids zoom by.

I could go on but then I would hijack your post. :)

BreadBox said...

A marvellous shot, Carmi --- just gorgeous! Michele sent me this time, especially to ask if there was any update on the little green man....


texasblu said...

HI Carmi! Thanks for visiting..

That's a great pic. Wonder where' he's headed?

What I miss during winter?

Longer days
Children laughing in my backyard
Faster speeds (one should not drive so fast on ice and snow...)
Sunshine peroid - snow clouds are so dreary!

Beverly said...

I was just going to say the same thing that "november rain" said. They are such pests at the beach, but your photo is great. Looks are deceiving.

sage said...

Good shot--I shot a similar shot last winter when I was at my parents down south--I really don't miss summer that much in winter, I just hope for snow and enjoy having fires in the evening and opportunties to ski and enjoy the outdoors. Here from Michele's today

Jessica said...

I don't miss anything, winter is my favourite time over year. I love the dark evenings, the cold, damp morning air on my face, the long evenings lazing by the log fire, tea at 4.00 with crumpets and jam. Perfect.
Great shot. You have the knack.
Good to be back reading here again. Michelle sent me.

November Rain said...

michelle sent me again :)

Shari said...

What I miss during winter? I miss wearing shorts. I miss the warm days. I am not a winter fan. I don't like being cold. But it does have it's own beauty...trees weighted down with snow, some branches coated with ice, a red carnation making a sharp contrast against the white snow...:)

Thanks for stopping by.

Thumper said...

I live in California, where winter is more like "Eh? You mean it's only going to be 50 today! We'll FREEZE!"


I love it here...

BreadBox said...

I try very hard not to miss anything any season. Of course, I fail, but I try:-) I certainly miss being able to eat out on the deck almost every evening, the way that we do in the spring and in the autumn. Mind you, I miss that in the summer too!

Michele sent me to be your designated semi-stalker today:-)

Sophie's Mom said...

In Maine we call them Dump Ducks.

How can you take such an ugly bird and make it beautiful with your photo?

kenju said...

That bird has to pee, Carmi. See? His legs are crossed!

I miss the sparkle of sunlight on the swimming pool, the warmth of the morning sun when I go out to get the newspaper, and the long hours of daylight!

sister AE said...

I love the winter, but there is one thing I sometimes miss - the leaves on the trees out back make our living room seem like a treehouse - until they are gone for the winter. They are still pretty, but we are a little more "grounded" until spring.

gautami tripathy said...

Great reflective pose. What is it thinking about. Definitely not about the world!

Suppose Michele sent me here to decipher its thoughts.

JunieRose2005 said...

I LOVE that bird photo!!

I do not miss summer at all- It's my least favorite season! It stays around much too long...wearing out it's welcome!


Snaggle Tooth said...

Openned windows n longer daylight.

The gulls I see daily at a cove outside the window.

Shephard said...

I LOVE this gull shot... the color contrasts are so inviting. Wow.