Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Shanghai facade - another view

Imposing perspective
Shanghai, China, May 2007 [Click to embiggen]

Sometimes, a second look at the same scene can result in a very different outcome. I hope you'll humor me by clicking back on this image. Go ahead, I'll wait.

[Tick, tock, tick, tock...]

And we're back.

Color, angle and distance: All changed. Consequently, I ended up with two very different pictures despite the fact that the same person took them mere seconds apart. Sometimes, we see different things when we stand in different places and scrunch our eyes just so.

As I look at these two photos side-by-side, I keep thinking that the lesson here applies to more than mere pictures.

Your turn: Opinion, perspective, and our unwillingness to budge even when the context is changed. Please discuss.


Bella Rossa said...

Please stop going to China and crippling me with travel envy.

Okay, I mean, I'm glad someone gets to go, but why can't it be me every once in awhile?


Snaggle Tooth said...

I'd remembered the previous image before clicking, yet did to confirm- I'd remembered the yellow, but yes, the different perpective of space depends on what the button-pusher chooses to leave out of the frame...

Stubborn? New Info? reformulate Theses?
I used to loudly argue with my science Profs because according to new data they were incorrect about having to currently worry about volcanoes erupting, earthquakes, global warming, oceanic outfall pipes, mass species extinctions, ect.

The oceanic food chain is being disrupted, and I'm truelly worried about the consequences.

Reformulate as many times as needed...

Pearl said...

Indeed, the refresh and change of angle doesn't have to take days or years. People who hunch over and give up saying, this is just a bad day or tailspin when "a good day" has something that is less desired rethink the whole idea of the nature of the day instead of just letting flow and change happen.

MissMeliss said...

Amazing how just light and angle can give you an entirely different shot. Both are dramatic, but they tell completely different stories.

I'm in an ongoing process of thinking of myself as a writer and not...whatever I was before. Stubborn? I know stubborn intimately.

This visit sponsored by Michele

Geggie said...

Two lovely shots.

Sometimes, if we just step back, take a second and re-examine, we see something completely different that we did upon first glace. A valuable lesson to apply each day.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Perspective is Everything! And having some perspecyive is a requirement, of course....LOL!
I love both these pictures because I see things in ne that I didn't see in the other, and I bet if you showed us a few more pictures of this same building...we would see many more things, too....!

Michele sent me Carmi...but the link took me to yoir other blog. So, I went back to MY blog and clicked on Written, Inc...(Well, actually it is "Carmi" on my roll...)
So glad I came by here! As always, the pictures are superb!

Dak-Ind said...

thats such a cool picture difference. i wasnt expecting to go wow.

i think i prefer the black and white, but then, i usually do. even the bright colorful world of myspace i fill with black and white. oh and Indy was a skunk for halloween... hmmm. i think i just like to weed out some of the noise when i am seeking beauty and relaxation. color is wonderful in its vibrancy, but not always as peaceful, adn i am lately in the mood to be peaceful.

so... i clicked on you (some 10 folks ahead of me at Michele's) and got a NEW blog!?! i was so confused i went back to my own blog and clicked your link from there to get here. So, in a round about way Michele sent me, but only sort of. Now, i suppose i shall go see what the fuss is about at words@work!

Smiler said...

I completely agree about the fact that it doens't apply just to photos. What is a shift in paradigm if not exactly that? Just looking at something from another point of you. It's a notion I like so much that I want to include it in this "novel" I'm attempting to write. I love when the reader thinks he/she has a character all figured out, but that characters ends up being completely... out of character! Great stuff. Beautiful photo, once again.

Smiler said...

p.s Michele sent me... sorry I got here so late.

Anne said...

Hey, I'm with Bella, I don't want to see travel pics if you can't take us with you. Ha!

But what I do learn from your work is to take more pictures of what looks like mundane because they won't be when I get back home. I tend to want my photos to mean something or document something specific, but the texture of what's already there is interesting, too.

(Michele sent me today.)

BreadBox said...

Interesting --- I'd never have guessed that this one was Chinese. The first one, yes: very different styles!

Michele sent me today to say hi.