Friday, December 15, 2006

Shaken, not stirred

Well-run conferences recognize that attendees need to snack and rest at various points through the day. Simple, wholesome foods work best, and are most welcome when you're zipping from one session to another. While in Colorado last month, our hosts set up large tables in the middle of the hall near the event site. As we came out, smoothies awaited us - a lovely little touchpoint, in my view.

I wasn't content to simply drink mine. No, that would mean I'm conventional. And by now you likely know that I'm not: This blog is littered with examples of my photographic restlessness. Pretty much anything I see, touch or encounter is fair game for a picture.

So when I saw the covered-up piano off to the side, I thought the angles and sunbeams would make a nice backdrop to my smoothie. It tells no story beyond the fact that I felt compelled to remember that moment. Sometimes, that's a good enough reason to take the camera out and have some fun.

Your turn: Is this making you hungry or thirsty? Come on, be honest!


Begered said...

Smoothies at a conference? The last one I went to, I was lucky to get some water and luke warm coffee. And yes, you are making me crave a smoothie now!

Anonymous said...

At the beginning of a cold, wet British winter...your pic warmed me with the rays of sun coming through the window. Thanks.

Bobkat said...

I'm drinking a smoothie atm so it's not making me either hungry or thirsty!

I love the patterns of shadow and sunlight in the background adn the way the room stretches back from the viewpoint.

Michele sent me.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Mmmmm, well, more thirsty, I guess Carmi! What a lovely thing for your "Hosts" to do...incredibly thoughtful, I would say, too!
It looks mighty good in that picture, my dear....Very Very inviting!

So glad you like the "sunset Picture" on my, too...needless to say!

Linda said...

That looks fantastic. Since I just had breakfast (bran chex and dried blueberries - working on lowering my cholesterol, thank you), it's not making me hungry...but it has put in place the mindset of having a smoothie sometime today...mmmmmm.

David Edward said...

the angles - the shadows, the clarity
I have Mega-pixel envy!
and a new post

Anonymous said...

Neither, but it sure looks good!


srp said...

Yes, thirsty. What kind was it? They have a pomegranate one at Starbucks that is heavenly. Of course in Colorado you're pretty close to heaven anyway!

kimmyk said...

In the summer there is nothing I love more than a strawberry smoothie, but it's bbrr outside and I could go for a latte myself.

But the picture itself was very cool. I like how the light is coming in the window. It looks warm and inviting.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Zeus said...

I think it's interesting how your straw accents the lines of the floor. It's a very unique perspective!

As for hungry or thirsty: I'm a cat. I'm always hungry or thirsty. You don't need to show me a photo of a smoothie to get my stomach growling!

Anonymous said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......smoothies! They are a staple in the morning at my house.

enjoy your day.

Love the photos......and your writing.

kenju said...

I am already both hungry and thirsty, and this is making me realize just how much!

Jef said...

I just devoured a protein bar and a drank a glass of water, so I can honestly say that it doesn't make me thirsty or hungry. However, it has brought a bit of strawberry-sunshine to my day.

Erica Kern O'Neill said...


I haven't looked at my blog, or your blog, for ages and I just did. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and commenting on my Halloween pic (ears and all). I thought only three close friends read I'll have to monitor my comments a bit! Just kidding.

Happy Hanukkah!


scrappintwinmom said...

Smoothies huh? Pretty sweet. All I ever got was nutri-grain bars and cold coffee. But I digress. To answer your question: Thirsty.
I might also add that the picture perfectly conveyed the moment. Looking at that picture, I remembered what it was like to be in a strange place, away from home, and thankful for a cool drink in the warm (afternoon?) sun.

Snaggle Tooth said...

I like the straw's red color repeated in the floor lines, n the shape composition.

Dark chocolate, hot tea- always, cello chocolate covered cherries- love cherries!
...where'd that cadbury bar go?

get zapped said...

Very cool and tasty too ; ) You were right, this is similar to the one I took. It's fun taking time to notice light in everyday places, isn't it.