Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Apple iPad launches. World saved.

Big day in Apple-land, as the Cupertino-based tech company - and object of worship for fanboys everywhere - launched its iPad tablet-like device. I live-blogged Apple's iPad announcement over at Betanews (link here) with editor-in-chief Scott Fulton and managed to send out a few snarky tweets in the process, including:
  • Apple tablet device will make breakfast on Sunday, then clean up after itself.
  • Apple tablet device will create world peace, eliminate child hunger and rejuvenate the beauty pageant circuit.
  • Apple tablet device will rebuild Afghanistan, Iraq and Haiti & get Al Qaida to renounce terrorism and open up theme parks.
  • Watching the Apple iPad announcement live. I believe it has cured AIDS, and we're waiting for Steve Jobs to confirm a cancer cure, too.
  • This just in: Apple's just-announced iPad device has replaced Barack Obama as President of the United States.
There's some media happening, too, including a live hit with Gary Doyle on Kitchener's 570News, a chat with CBC Radio's Meegan Read, an interview with my hometown radio station, AM980, and a chat with Sun Media's Steve Tilley. I'll post links when they go live.

Your turn: So, is all this hype just a little much? Just enough? What say you about the iPad? (Me? People are dying in Haiti, Afghanistan and everywhere else. I'm trying to put it all into some form of perspective.)


TekGeekGirl said...

I could not agree with you more! i was so in agreement, I posted this on my Facebook (only reserved for my idiotic status messages). Thank you and 2 thumbs up!

Mark said...

I'm with you on this one.

I liked the article I read that suggested this sounded like a feminine hygiene product attempting to sound hip.

lissa said...

As I listened to various reports about it, leading up to the Announcement, I basically had one question: why would I need one of these?

I have yet to answer that question...

Your status updates were a riot, Carmi - as always, kept me smiling through the day!

Tracie Nall said...

Personally, I was enjoying your tweets today a lot more than I will ever enjoy the iPad (not that I will probably buy one of those anyway, but you get my point!)

A little perspective is often needed in the retail world!

srp said...

I only WISH the last item were true.

David Edward said...

you are funny

Mojo said...

If the iPad can get the Hurricanes into the playoffs, THEN I'd say they've got something.

On the other hand, giving Eric Staal the "C" may have more impact than Apple. Though the Canes are whipping the Rangers in the Big Apple tonight...

Meanwhile, I'm still hungry and you can't eat this Apple... or the Big Apple for that matter. So how about a reprise of my opener.
Once more with feeling

Neilson Eney said...

It's easy to see the harm our modern life inflicts on the world, often at the expense of those less fortunate than us. It's also easy to feel guilt about our place inflicting that harm. It's just as easy to find something which helps us escape that guilt.

There are certainly more important things, and being reminded of that is also important. In the realm of electronic devices that help enhance sharing of ideas and knowledge, the iPad seems poised to drive a new line of innovation along those lines. It was also engineered and executed in a way that puts a smile on my face. For those reasons I'm letting it excite me and provide me with feelings of joy and optimism.

So I'm not feeling as guilty as you are but I'm not wetting myself in excitement over it either. I am however feeling rather jealous of you being there for the live event!