Sunday, January 03, 2010

Who's got webbed feet?

Before takeoff
Trenton, ON, November 2010

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Why did this one make the happy list? Because it was a delightfully quirky moment that presented itself at a completely unexpected time, in a completely unexpected place.

I was on my way home to London, driving the 401 alone after spending a few days in my hometown for a less-than-happy reason. I had been in the car, musing over the meaning of life, when I realized I needed a break. After chilling out for longer than I should have, I found myself shooting random pictures in the parking lot.

The service stop was brand spanking new, and we'd been waiting for these places along the 401 to open up for so long that I felt the need to linger with my lens for a bit. At one point, I looked down and saw this seagull walking unusually close to me. This is the result.

Your turn: The beauty of ordinary. Please discuss.

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