Saturday, January 23, 2010

Life's simple pleasures

Whipped cream makes everything better
Delray Beach, FL, December 2009

It was a good night for these two. They were hungry, so their big cousin made them sundaes, and then they got to eat them on the couch. Sometimes, life really is just that simple.

Your turn: If you've got a simple, memorable moment from your own childhood that you'd like to share, I hope you'll do so in a comment.


Mark said...

I grew up outside a very small, isolated, rural town. It was a treat to get McDonald's french fries when we went to "the city," about an hour away.

Sounds weird, I know, but as a kid it was the greatest.

Now I make an early morning trip to the doughnut shop something my son and I do once each weekend (almost without exception), and it's our time that I hope he'll one day remember fondly. Simple, but special for us.

Tracie Nall said...

That is such a nice moment you captured there. I remember that my mom used to save her change in this little tin and every few months or so when my dad was working late we would go rent a movie and take all of the change to the gas station up the road and invade the candy aisle! We would bring the candy home and divide it by some overly-complicated process into two bowls and watch our movie....with lots of laughs and sugar highs! Nothing extraordinary, but special times for me.

Mojo said...

My childhood memories aren't so vivid anymore. But I have vague recollections of trips to Dairy Queen the promise of which was enough to get me and my kid brother to clean our rooms, take out the trash, pave the driveway and put a new roof on the house.

Okay, the roof thing was just a suggestion one time.

A more recent memory, and not an especially happy one, involved this cafeteria and a good friend.

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