Saturday, January 16, 2010

I've been outed

One night last week, I was wandering through the local Loblaw grocery store with my wife (best date place ever, btw) when a green-shirted employee hauling a skid of what looked like paper towel stopped in front of us, looked right at me and said, "I've seen you on TV. You're the electronics guy, right?"

Well, color me flabbergasted. I've never been recognized in public, so this was a bit of a thrill. I confirmed that I think I'm the guy he's thinking about, and he told me I really know my stuff. A few seconds later, we returned to our previously scheduled programming: he to his job and me to my pursuit of the ultimate on-sale tortilla.

In the overall scheme of things, this doesn't even rate. But it was still neat to connect with a stranger through my work. Sometimes, the world works in fascinating ways.

Your turn: Connecting with strangers. Please discuss.


denice said...

that's very cool and very fun - congrats :)

Anonymous said...

Here's an idea, Carmi: Sign your name on a piece of paper and then give it to yourself as an autograph while you look in the mirror.

Then play yourself a few Elvis songs while staring at the ol' navel.


Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

wow - very cool!

charlene said...

Carmi, you always make me laugh with your antidotes!

Every morning I see the same TTC employee working in the same spot as I wait for the subway among a pushy crowd. Even if I am in a bad mood, he always makes me smile with his smile and our daily exchange of 'good morning'.

Although I don't know his name, nor he knows mine - it's a positive energy boost to be to recognized and acknowledged amid the fury of the TTC rider pack.

Hilary said...

Very cool! I must say that the grocery store is pretty much the only place I ever connect with strangers, but maybe that's because usually when I'm in public I'm at the grocery store. I get crazy old ladies asking me about whatever hat I am wearing. No one wanted to connect with me today, though, as I was dragging my crying 7 year old to the bathroom.

Anonymous said...

I live outside of 2 small towns (combined population, about 7,000) but even when I am shopping in the nearest larger town (pop. 10,000) I run into someone I recognize. I've only lived here for 2-1/2 years, but I quickly learned to not go to the store in sweats!

David Edward said...

i knew you when

awareness said...

I'm surprised this hasn't happened to you before. It makes me think that people in Ontario really do keep to themselves and don't spontaneously approach a familiar face in public places like they do here. Then again, Fredericton is a small place, aka Tiny Town, where everybody knows your name and comings and goings.
For years I was involved in Home and School, and I'm on a regular "parent panel" with the CBC morning program here in town. Plus, I don't have a clue how many I've counselled through my job. So, more than anything, my voice is recognizable. I've had the most hilarious conversations with strangers who hear me, and then launch into their opinion, their feedback.... THEN, there are the "reunions" with clients in front of the produce section, in the doctor's waiting room, at the market..... the stories and life updates people are willing to share loudly and passionately in public just about blows me away! Maritime friendliness and openness is a way of life....and it surely spices things up when you're only intent on finding a can of tuna.

Mojo said...

So does he read Written, Inc. too? I'm actually kinda surprised that this hasn't happened to you way more often than this. Then again, who looks the same live as they do on TV?

The only time I ever had anybody recognize me from my "work" was at a hockey game once. I'd posted a small version of a sign I'd designed for Rod Brind'Amour Night at the RBC Center, and somebody recognized it and figured out who I was from that. And yeah, the "You gotta be Mojo" was a special kind of thrill. Even though the person who said it was no more famous than I am.

G. Harrison said...

Carmi, you do know you're stuff, but...

While sipping coffee at The Red Roaster last year, my wife heard another woman say to her friend, "I think that man writes for a local paper. He has such a delicious personality."

Delicious? When did that happen?

... Are you delicious?