Thursday, January 28, 2010

Parking lot of broken dreams

Snowed under
London, ON, January 2010
About this photo: This week's "water in any form" theme takes us back to a place I know well: home. Specifically, my Canadian home. Which, as I write this, finds itself under a severe cold alert. Yay! If you're looking for ways to keep warm, head here to share your watery/icy vision.
I have a love/hate relationship with winter. On the one hand, it can be a miserable time of year. The days are short and the cold can be brutal, especially when squalls move in off the lake and pummel the region - as had just happened here. There's also nothing worse than pulling on layer after layer of clothing, only to get outside and realize you didn't tuck everything in quite as meticulously as you should have. Those cold spots are really annoying!

But when you get your woolies on just so and you're feeling all warm and comfy, sometimes you get outside and catch your breath at the stark beauty of the landscape and the freshness and clarity of the insanely cold air. That's how I felt as I snapped this picture. Indeed, the texture of the recently fallen, partly packed snow was so sharp that I found myself wishing the plow wouldn't come by later that night and clear the whole area down to the pavement.

Sometimes, aesthetics should take precedence over practicality.

Your turn: How do you keep your spirits positive during an otherwise dark period?


Mark said...

Oddly enough, just this morning I posted about trying to make the best of the brutally flat landscape that surrounds us now, versus the mountains we left back home more than four years ago.

fredamans said...

I guess I'm just naturally optimistic.... great shot btw.

Cloudia said...

Freshness, coziness, Carmi:
Canadian winter-

Yep: Israel Kamakawiwo`ole!

Aloha, Friend!

Comfort Spiral

Mojo said...

What normally happens around here (where they still haven't quite gotten the knack of snow removal) is that the city scrapes and salts all the major roads and then turns to the residential ones. Makes sense, but in the meanwhile what's happened is several freeze/thaw cycles and lots of traffic roughing up the ice on the unscraped side streets. Which, though it's a bit of a rough ride, is navigable. But the city, in a misguided effort to be helpful, then comes along and grades the sheet of roughed up ice down to a nice smooth sheet of ice making traction impossible.

So yeah. Unless you can clean the pavement off down to ... the pavement, leave it alone! Seems far more practical, and it would really make getting out of my neighborhood (where all the streets go uphill) a buttload easier.

Rumor is that we're in for some weather of our own in the next 24-36 hours. They're not predicting anything to rival The Great Blizzard of 2000 or anything, but then... nobody predicted that one either!

But for today I have a less frigid scene (that you've already seen, but I haven't linked yet).

Thematic Photographic 86: "Water In Any Form" v.1.0 - You Saw This Coming, Right?

Pamela said...

I always have to go "potty" as soon as I get all bundled. that is so annoying.

We've had a mild winter here --

theMuddledMarketPlace said... bizzarely tidyness!

i bundle myself up to get to work, then spend a good ten minutes changing all my clothes before the babies climb all over me for seven hours

rashbre said...

I like the edginess in tis picture. And the scene being set for some drama to play out in the diner.

Nishant said...

great shot

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