Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Revving for takeoff

To the beat of a unique drum
Delray Beach, FL, December 2009
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This wasn't the first time we'd been to the Wakodahatchee Wetlands. Years ago, we were here with both sets of grandparents, a day the kids have been speaking about ever since (see here, here, here and here.) Returning here without the extended fam made today more than a little bittersweet, as every turn reminded me of what had changed since then. But I suppose that's going to be a cornerstone of our lives from here on out, so I'd better get used to it.

Soon after getting there, I had already adopted my usual routine of falling behind because something else had caught my eye. We had two cameras this time, mine and my wife's (a sweet Fuji that often accidentally finds its way into my camera bag) so before long my wife was busy, too. This is my favorite picture from her set. I was standing beside her, mesmerized by the sight and sound of this flapping bird, as she captured the scene. It was one of those unique moments I'm glad we were able to witness together, and glad one of us had the foresight to grab the picture so we could remember it long after we had returned home.

Your turn: My wife's got some mad photog skills, no? What should she capture next?


Mojo said...

I'm starting to see how Zach has developed such an eye, he gets it from both sides. I love the sense of motion here.

Mad skillz indeed!

Not sure where to guide her next though. My best advice? Shoot something you care about. Something that speaks to you, without considering whether or not it'll speak to someone else. It will. And if it doesn't, you'll speak for it.

I've lost track of what I've linked and haven't. I think I was up to version 4.0. So I'll start with 5.0

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Mojo said...

And once more with feeling...

I could keep this theme up for a long time. The long weekend I took at New Year's is just about the best vacation I've had in a while.

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