Thursday, January 21, 2010

Where I chat about obese, online, sleep-deprived kids

When I was a kid, my mother always said we watched too much television. Now that television's been joined by the Internet, mobile phones, videogame consoles and a host of other geeky tools, it looks like nothing's changed (if I close my eyes just so, I can even hear her saying she told me so. Really.) If anything, our juvenile screen addiction has gotten even worse since then.

I spoke with CTV News Channel's Marci Ien live this morning to explore what it means - for parents, for kids, and for their future. The link is here (also here) if you're into watching me on camera. Interestingly, I did the interview via Skype from home. I gave the dog a large chew before the interview began, then had to deposit him across the living room when his chewing at my feet became too loud.

Interestingly, I used Skype for an interview with CTV's Sandie Rinaldo - on the Google Nexus One phone - on January 6th. The story is here (also here) and the video of that hit - also beside the fireplace mantel, also with the dog safely calmed with a large-ish chew - is the third link down on the right.

(And, no, I can't take credit for the lovely artwork behind my shoulder. That's my wife's work - thank goodness one of us has the artistic gift!)

One more thing: My latest column, on Google's showdown with the Chinese government, has been published in Betanews. Here it is: Google's deal with the devil

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Pamela said...

I found your article very enlightening. I'd heard about the cyber attack and Google saying that -- But, I didn't know about that other companies. Something on which to cogitate.