Sunday, January 24, 2010

Donut or Doughnut?

Boston cream party
Bowling Green, OH, January 2010

I don't like overly sweet anything, but I've had a weakness for Boston cream donuts since I was a kid. My wife knows this, and as we carefully made our way home in the lengthening shadows of a late afternoon in Ohio, she surprised me with one, just because.

Since I had a couple of spare minutes to appreciate this lovingly chosen, custard-filled hunk of dough, I thought it made sense to explore it with my lens. Note to self: the dashboard makes a great makeshift photo workspace, especially when you've parked the wondervan Just So.

Your turn: What's your favorite not-so0-good-for-your-body-but-good-for-your-soul treat? And if you haven't contributed an "I'm hungry" themed photo, click here.


Anonymous said...
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Mojo said...

Well I see the Anonymous investment spammer has made the rounds here too. Ugh.

Funny you should mention the dashboard photo studio. I mean funny in a cosmic sense. My subject for today wasn't shot on the dashboard, but it easily could have been, and I've taken a similar shot that was. So you don't have to convince me of the value of that platform. It also has the benefit of offering natural lighting in abundance... at certain times of day at least.

But since I was lining 'em up and shooting 'em in serial fashion, I didn't use that staging for this shot.

Thematic Photographic 84: "I'm Hungry" v.4.0 - Horsepower

Mark said...

Donuts cannot help me lose weight.

Thus, I have had to give up my beloved blueberry fritter -- 330 calories of pure (delicious) evil.

carmilevy said...

Thanks for flagging this, Mojo. I've been noticing an increase in the number of spam comments squeaking in of late. They used to focus exclusively on older posts, so the moderate-older-entries setting in Blogger was good enough to catch them all.

No more. Now, they seem to have tweaked their scripts to nail even the newer entries - the ones that aren't being moderated.

I fear I may have to turn universal comment monitoring back on. Sigh...

I love the energy bar've quite simply changed my perception of them, as I wasn't aware they had improved in recent years. Time for some stocking up in advance of bike season.

Tracie Nall said...

I have to admit, I am in love with all doughnuts. We have Krispy Kreme down here and when they make fresh doughnuts they flash this neon sign "HOT Doughnuts Now!!" and I just can't pass that sign without stopping.

I'm thinking that your hungry themed photo week is going to make me gain some weight!

Pearl said...

wow, that's beautifully shot.

and sweet of your lady to think of you like that.

Amanda Moore said...

Anything that yummy = instant gratification so lets cut to the chase.... donut! The less time we spend spelling it the faster we get down to eating it!