Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Don't annoy the sleeping child

Tucked in. Tuckered out.
London, ON, July 2009

I'd like to end off this week's "at rest" theme with one of my favorite recurring themes, namely the sleeping munchkin. Practically since the moment they were born, our kids have learned what it's like to have a lens shoved in their face. Whether they're awake or not at the time doesn't seem to have much effect on me. It is obviously way easier to capture them when they're asleep, but even then there's a limit to how much time I've got before I've worn out my welcome.

In this case, little man had fallen asleep the night before his 9th birthday. As I often do before their milestones, I like to grab at least one picture of them, another "last" moment before they move on to the next stage of their rapidly advancing lives. This night was no different. And as I walked into his pitch black bedroom, I did my best to avoid waking him.

I took one picture before the flash that turns night into day roused him and prompted a quick rollover toward the wall. No more sleepyhead photography on this night. No matter, as this was all I needed.

This summer, I'll do the same before he irrevocably moves into double digits. I wish the camera could somehow help me slow down the process just a little, as there's a peace in them that I hope they don't lose as they morph into full-on adults.

Your turn: Quiet ways to mark a child's birthday. Please discuss.


MorahMommy said...

God I love that kid. He is so cute, sleeping or awake. I don't want to think about our baby going into double digits. We re simply not old enough :D


Tracie said...

I love those sleeping kids pictures. They are so sweet!