Friday, February 26, 2010

Hockey Night in Canada

I'm sitting on the living room floor, netbook in my lap, watching Canada and Sweden square off in the women's curling gold medal final. My wife and kids are all here, hanging on every shot while the dog wanders between us and gives kisses when he thinks we aren't paying enough attention to him.

Later tonight, our men's hockey team hits the ice in the semi-final game against Slovakia. I'm not usually one to defer life in favor of something on television, but I'll make an exception this evening given how excited the kids are. If I close my eyes just so, I can remember watching the Olympics with my parents when I was a kid. If I close my eyes just so, I can see our own kids watching the Olympics years from now, closing their adult eyes and thinking about a night when they were kids.

I'll write more later. For now, wherever you are, I hope you're also enjoying some quiet time with the folks who matter most.

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utenzi said...

These last two rounds of hockey are going to be thrilling. Please forgive me for not rooting for your team in the finals tho, Carmi. (assuming the US team gets to the gold medal round)