Saturday, February 06, 2010

Gentlemen, start your engines

How many points for a pedestrian?
New York, NY, November 2009
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In the interest of pedestrian safety, I will not condone shooting street views from the middle of a New York intersection. But sometimes the traffic lights conspire Just So to give you just enough time to stop in the middle of a busy road and shoot off a few.

I still don't recommend the practice. But I also don't recommend going through life without sometimes doing things that push your limits just a little.

It's the difference between surviving and living. And I'd rather live.

Your turn: What's going through these taxi drivers' minds?


Anonymous said...

Taxi Driver: Oh, you wanna picture, pretty boy? Stay riiiight there, and I'll give you a close up! (said in NYC accent...or would it be Pakistani??)

Is that politically incorrect of me? Is it a good thing, or a bad thing that I don't even know if I'm politically incorrect?


Pearl said...

:) Like your conclusion. Just keep the eyes on the back of your head open for the "crazy drivers"

Mojo said...

At least you had the good sense to do this on a one way street (or so it looks). That way you eliminate the risk of being blind-sided with a hit from behind.

The drivers? They may be wondering who you work for that you're so interested. Or they may be wondering how many points you'd be worth in the Road Rage IV video game (I'm making that up, but it sounds plausible, no?)

Life -- more specifically work -- has been interfering with my blogging lately, so even though I've managed to schedule a post each day I haven't managed to get over to visit and link them up. But I will. Swear!

MB said...

Going through the taxi drivers' minds - "TEN points for the guy with the camera."

Nishant said...

That way you eliminate the risk of being blind-sided with a hit from behind.

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Snaggle Tooth said...

"Photographer, 90 points!"