Thursday, February 04, 2010

We're on the road to nowhere

Vandalia, OH, January 2010
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We passed through this achingly pretty small town on our way home from vacation last month. The chill we felt through our tightly drawn coats confirmed that winter had clearly settled in here. We knew it would only get colder as we headed further north toward home.

As the kids munched lunch and stretched their legs a bit, I tried to take at least one picture to help us remember what this place felt like. If we had more time, this looked like a neat place to explore for a bit. But as it was, home and reality beckoned, and we didn't have the luxury of hanging around.

The kids finished lunch. We tucked them back into the car and drove carefully through this crossroads before turning onto the highway onramp. Vandalia, Ohio quickly faded in the rearview as we got up to speed and focused on the road ahead. But weeks later, it lingers in my mind for some reason, and I find myself wondering how I can make an excuse to make this a destination someday instead of just a mid-trip stop.

Your turn: A memorable place you've passed through. Please discuss.


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